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Choose Raid® Ant And Roach With Essential Oils – A Safe Choice For Your Family (When Used As Directed)

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My home is always buzzing with activity. With four people and three furry family members, there is rarely a dull (or quiet) moment at my house.

I have gotten used to the noise and all the commotion that goes on each day. I have also learned to manage the messes that occur. But, with all of us spending most of our time at home, it has been very hard to keep things as tidy as usual.

My dogs are pretty good about keeping any bits of food off the floor. Honestly, they are better than most vacuum cleaners! But not every bit of food always makes it to the floor. My boys are notorious for leaving open packages of food out or just forgetting to toss their trash. They even hide their messes from time to time. I have found food wrappers in all kinds of places throughout my house. Wadded up chip bags stuffed between the couch cushions, candy wrappers shoved under beds, half eaten packs of crackers shoved into shoes. Yes–that has happened. Apparently my kiddo was “saving them for later!”

Occasionally I’ll run across their snack trash during my routine cleaning. Other times I get a little help finding their messes. A line of ants marching under a table is a sure sign that there is food hiding!

When that happens, my boys get a lecture AND I grab a can of Raid® ant spray.

I try to be careful with the pest products that I bring into my home. Luckily Raid® Ant and Roach with Essential Oils is made with plant-derived active ingredients, so it’s a good choice as it’s safe around children and pets, when used as directed. It also kills roaches the fastest among plant based ant & roach killers.

Made with lemongrass extract and geraniol synthesized from pine trees*, Raid® Ant And Roach With Essential Oils is a great choice to deal with German roaches and ants (except fire and harvester) around your home.

Be sure to check out all the other great Raid® products when you shop. If you need help deciding which products are best for you, visit the Raid® website before you shop to:

  • Use the Bug ID tool to identify which species of insect you’re dealing with
  • Select and compare Raid® products
  • See the Raid® Defense System for other Raid® products to control pests.

Look For Raid® Ant And Roach With Essential Oils At Your Local Publix on I Heart Publix

*Ingredients found in lemongrass oil and geraniol may cause allergies for consumers with sensitive skin

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