This post is sponsored by Banner Road Baking Company. All comments and opinions are my own.

One of my favorite things about what I do is that I get the opportunity to connect with brands, I get the chance to learn about different products, get the scoop on sales and find out about offers that are happening at Publix. A nice perk is that sometimes the brands will send me the products to try out with my family.

I have had all kinds of things show up at my door…corn, guacamole, floss, crackers, chicken and more. About a week ago, I got a package from the folks at Banner Road Granola. Inside the box was four different canisters of granola. I unpacked the box and put the granola on the counter and kinda forgot about them. That is until my oldest kiddo—you know my bottomless pit teenager—grabbed one and asked if he could have some.

He popped open the top and threw a handful in his mouth. I saw his face and I could immediately tell that he was VERY happy with what he had just tasted. Of course that big smile was followed with lots of grunts and yummy sounds…I think there might have been a “wow” in there as well.  I decided that I better grab that canister and try it out before he claimed it as his own and polished off the entire thing.

Generally, I would say that I like granola. I might toss it on yogurt on occasion but mostly use it to make granola bars for my guys. But that Banner Road Granola…I can honestly say that I LOVE that granola. It was one of the best tasting granolas that I have ever put in my mouth. AND, based on the sticker on the package, I don’t think I am the only one who loves it. Banner Road Granola was a 2019 Good Food Awards Winner.. No surprise here!

Of course once we tried that first one, we had to break open every single canister and try them all. They did not disappoint. My absolute favorite was The Original variety with pecan, cherry and coconut. The sweet and savory combination was absolutely perfect. I think all four canisters were gone within a week. I guess it’s fair to say that Banner Road Granola was a hit at my house!

Delicious Banner Road Granola On Sale Now At Publix on I Heart Publix

I have some good news for you guys who want to try it too! Look for all four varieties on sale now at Publix. Look for these four varieties on sale for $1 off when you shop –

  • The Original Organic Granola – Pecans+Cherries+Coconut
  • Bye Bye Blues Organic Granola – Blueberry+Walnut+Millet
  • Kick Start Granola – Chocolate+Coffee
  • Monkey Suit Organic Granola – Peanut Butter+Banana

These chef-made recipes offer a high ratio of nuts, seeds and fruit to grains. And there is no added sugar! You’ll find loads of clumps and clusters making it the ultimate snack, yogurt topping or enjoyed simply with milk. Three of the four are certified organic and all are non-GMO verified. Grab a canister and bring home nutrient dense, plant based protein that your whole family will absolutely LOVE!

Now, I will warn you that this granola is only in select Publix locations so you’ll want to check the cereal aisle at your store to see if it’s available. If you can’t find the granola at your store, you can shop online at and have it sent directly to your home.

Grab some and give it a try. Definitely come back and let me know which your family liked best!