This post is sponsored by Veetee Rice. All comments and opinions are my own.

Are you starting to feel the pressure of the holidays? I can’t even believe that Chritmas is right around the corner! We just finished with Thanksgiving so planning another holiday meal is starting to take a toll on my sanity. But, over the years I have learned some tricks that help give me a little extra time to complete that big holiday to-do list.

To keep things simple the week before Chirstmas, about half of my menu is done in the slow cooker. I usually do meals that I can throw into the crock pot and cook all day so I can stay busy on my list!

I try to plan ahead to spend the least amount of time in my kitchen. Making my slow slow cooker chili served over rice one night, I can follow the next night with another quick meal…like chili dogs! Another night I can serve up a roast over rice and gravy and then the next night add BBQ sauce to the leftovers and have tasty BBQ sandwiches…that’s four dinners done, easy peasy!

So with my schedule I need quick and convenient sides to pair with my meals. Steam in bag veggies are a must-have for my meals as is lots of tasty Veetee Rice. I can have great tasting, perfectly cooked rice in just two minutes. Can’t beat that! I love that there is no measuring or boiling water involved…the best part is I don’t have to clean my rice cooker. Veetee Rice helps me get my holiday to-do-list done AND pull together tasty meals for my family!

So for all you that are starting to feel the stress of the season, with a few little tricks and Veetee Rice you can take the weeknight meal drama off your plate!

Look for all the different varieties at your local Publix and give them a try!