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I can vividly remember what it was like to have little ones in the house. My boys were 18 months apart so my life was a bit chaotic for several years while they were babies. I can remember a dear friend telling me the best way to survive was to sleep when the boys slept. Of course my guys being opposites from the beginning…never seemed to sleep at the same time.

Then there was the joy of grocery shopping with two kids. Trying to fit a baby and a toddler in a cart was definitely interesting. I would put Jeb’s car seat in the main part of the cart and let Jake sit in the seat. That meant that I could really only get as many groceries as would fit around the car seat without being on top of my kiddo! Let’s just say that grocery shopping was NOT the highlight of my week.

But now moms have it easy! With grocery delivery services like Instacart, you don’t even have to leave your house. You can get all your Publix favorites brought right to your front door! Boy, I wish that was available when my guys were little.

Even better, right now you can get FREE Instacart delivery when you spend $20 on Huggies Diaper and Wipes, Pull-Ups Training Pants, and GoodNites. That means you can stock up on all the diapers and supplies that you need as well as any groceries WITHOUT having to shop with your little one in tow. You can use that extra time to kick back and relax…maybe nap or even shower. Yep, I remember finding time to shower was hard those first few years!

For all of us who might not have a little one at home, this promotion is a fantastic way to gift a tired mom a moment of sanity. Yep, I have found that one of the best gifts to give a new mom is some free time and of course those much needed supplies. You can quickly and easily arrange to have Instacart deliver a couple of boxes of Huggies with some dinner items to a friend or loved one. Your loved one gets a fabulous gift and you save some moolah with the free delivery promo!

The free delivery promo is available through 8/4. There is no coupon or code needed to get your discount. Simply place $20 of Huggies Diaper and Wipes, Pull-Ups Training Pants, and GoodNites in your cart with any other items you might need and you are good to go. Your free shipping will be reflected at checkout.
Free Instacart Delivery With A $20 Huggies, Pull-Ups & GoodNites Purchase At Publix on I Heart Publix