Still Time To Stock Up On EOC Flavors of America or EOC Barista Blend For Just $3.08 At Publix

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I have received a bunch of comments and emails asking where to find the EOC digital coupon.  Unfortunately, it looks like the coupon is gone. This is a good reminder to ALWAYS load those big coupons whenever you see them. Like printable coupons, they have a limit. Once that limit is reached, it disappears.

Luckily the EOC Coffee deal is awesome even without a coupon, Remember, with the BOGO sale, you can get EOC Flavors of America or EOC Barista Blend for just $3.08 per bag…no coupon needed!

EOC Flavors of America or EOC Barista Blend, BOGO $6.16
Just $3.08 per bag after sale!

I also love that so many of you have taken the time to email/comment and give me your feedback and reviews. It looks like the Black and Tan is by far the reader fave so far. I mention that my husband really likes this variety too!

So if you have already stocked up, let us know which variety you prefer. If you haven’t grabbed your coffee yet, don’t dilly dally as the sale is ending 5/1 (4/30 for some).

Barista Blends

Do you love the rich and wonderful array of varieties served at your favorite coffee house? Here’s an idea – be your own barista. EOC Barista Blends make your house the coffee house. Just fire up your coffee maker and taste the goodness! Go ahead, write your name on the side of the cup too.

Look for two different varieties of EOC Barista Blends at your local Publix:

  • Caffé Americano: G.I. Joe It’s rumored that World War II American G.I.s stationed in Italy would spike the local espresso with a little water to recreate the coffee taste back home. This uniquely American blend earns its stripes with a rich, smooth taste and the flavor of espresso’s “crema” on top. Hooray for the red, white and brew!
  • Black and Tan: This recipe is top secret. What we can reveal is our Black and Tan recipe now has a special spin on it. The result: yin meets yang in a complex, yet perfectly balanced taste unlike any other. So much so, that you may want to keep this subtly spiced, bittersweet chocolatey blend as your secret indulgence. We hope not, because we’d like zillions of folks to enjoy this.

Flavors of America

State your favorite! America is 50 states – all united, each unique. And each with a “flavor”, distinctly its own. The Eight O’Clock Coffee master blenders celebrate this variety with a new coffee collection! Try one of the new star-spangled creations today. It’s like discovering America all over again.

  • Vermont Maple Bourbon: “Flav-ah” with a New England accent. You knew that Vermont is renowned for maple syrup. But did you know they’re famous for bourbon too? By golly, the folks at Eight O’Clock Coffee sure did and that’s what inspired this unique blend of Vermont Maple Bourbon with Arabica beans. You’ll savor the sweet, robust flavors of maple, caramel and bourbon.
  • Florida ‘Berry Shortcake: Craving that sweet summertime favorite dessert? Well, now you can enjoy it any time! Florida ‘Berry Shortcake pairs the lovely essence of sweet strawberries with the moist decadence of shortcake to create a guilt-free treat. For an even sweeter surprise, pour it over ice and enjoy the great tasting flavor you’ll love berry much.
  • Florida Caramel Flan: The trick to a great Flan de Leche begins and ends with the “caramelo”— sugar heated slowly over a steady flame until it reaches just the right amber hue without becoming bitter. Florida Caramel Flan saves you the trouble. Eight O’Clock Coffee master blenders have combined arabica coffee beans with exquisite flan flavors that bring out notes of vanilla bean, cinnamon and caramel. Now that’s a taste that is absolutely Flan-tastic!

Be sure to clip the digital coupon and look for new EOC Flavors of America and EOC Barista Blends in the coffee aisle at your local Publix.

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