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Do you know my favorite thing about couponing? Coupons give me the opportunity to try products that I might not otherwise purchase.

As you’d imagine, I spend a lot of time perusing the aisles at Publix looking for deals. As I am searching around, often a product will catch my eye. Sometimes it may be a new product, or maybe I see something on the label that grabs my attention. Heck, it can even be a cool bottle or package that piques my interest.

I spotted the bottles of ApotheCARE not too long ago as the old apothecary style bottle jumped out at me. I’m a gal and I love beauty care products, shampoos, body washes and all things that smell good. I absolutely love to try new beauty products and remember putting that one on my mental list of things to try.

Well, I spotted a high value coupon when I was at the store yesterday…and guess what I got! Yep, there is a bottle of ApotheCARE “The Soother” Body Wash sitting on my bathroom counter as we speak. I haven’t had the chance to try it yet but I am excited to check it out as it smells AMAZING.

Be sure to load your coupon and you can save $2 on the body wash the next time you shop. Unscrew the pump and take a sniff before you buy it…I bet you’ll love it.

The coupon is for the ApotheCARE “The Soother” Body Wash. This variety is all about rebalancing + relaxing and works to rebalances skin with a calming clean feel. It’s ideal for all skin types and the cleansing formulations ensure mild cleansing of the skin while deeply removing impurities. Plus, there are no sulfates, no parabens and no dyes used.

It delivers balanced skin and its infused with a high quality essence of timeless ingredients:

  • Steam distilled lavender
  • Concentrated cactus flower
  • Extracted moroccan mint

Find ApotheCARE “The Soother” Body Wash where you already love to shop! Look for it in the health and beauty aisle at your local Publix. Be sure to clip the coupon and save on your purchase.