This post is sponsored by Bohemia Beer. All comments and opinions are my own.

Cinco de Mayo is less than a week away. That means it’s time to start planning your fiesta!

May 5th falls on a Sunday this year so I plan on hosting a celebration the day before. I figure that folks will want to come hang out on the weekend and celebrate without having to get up and go to work the next day. Plus, I can almost guarantee that there will still be people hanging out after midnight…so the party will likely continue into Cinco de Mayo!

I love any excuse to gather friends and family. So, I say that this is perfect time to put out a bunch of food and drinks and then kick back and relax.

With any get together that I host, I try to have a variety of foods. After all, not everyone likes the same things. With this being a Cinco de Mayo gathering, you know I have tacos, burritos, quesadillas and all my favorite Mexican dishes on the menu. When it comes to drinks…variety is still the key!

I’ll  have sodas, water,  juice AND a couple of packs of Bohemia Beer on hand. Bohemia is considered Mexico’s Hidden Gold—in both taste and quality. With the Bohemia Variety pack you get a variety of beers so there is something for everyone.

Each package includes three different special edition beers:

  • (4) WEIZEN – The perfect balance between wheat malt and fresh hop notes, accompanied by a light touch of orange and coriander.
  • (4) PILSNER – Bright golden color, followed by the bitter character imparted by noble hops from the Czech region of Bohemia.
  • (4) OSCURA VARIANTS – The mixture of roasted and Vienna malts provides a slightly sweet flavor with hints of walnut and coffee.

Stop by your local Publix and look for the special edition Bohemia Variety 12 pack and discover Mexico’s Hidden Gold!

Must be 21+ to drink alcohol, please enjoy responsibly!