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Ok, I will admit it…I am a schedule-o-holic.

Before kids, I was an easy going gal who was up for all kinds of last minute fun. I did things on the spur of the moment and never even considered writing a to-do list.

That all changed when the boys came along. It started with doctor’s appointments, play dates, birthday parties galore and silly little classes designed to keep them busy AND get us out of the house. Then there was the addition of school and all the events that came with it. Once sports and other after-school activities were added in the mix, there was no way I could keep everything straight.

Maybe my brain got tired..who knows? Now things are so crazy, I actually schedule time to make my schedule for the week. I know it’s a bit insane…don’t even get me started on my to-do list.

To keep my sanity, I break up my year into sections. It’s a way for me to gauge the chaos and plan accordingly. So, summertime for example, is typically not as hectic as other parts of the year. The boys may have camps and such, but it’s a much slower pace than another time of the year, such as the holiday season.

This time of year is what I call spring sports season. This time of year ranks right up there with holiday chaos in my world. Both boys have so much going on, it’s next to impossible to make it all work. There are actually many times that I have to depend on others for help as it’s impossible for me to be in two places at once.

With Jake being on the 6/7 grade lacrosse team AND the 7/8 grade lacrosse team this year, I am already trying to figure out how to make it all work. Jeb finishes up school and is in the car at 4pm. Jake’s first game is usually at 5pm and the 2nd will be right after that at 6:30.

On those days, I’ll hit carpool around 3:30 and we won’t be back home until after 8pm. So you tell me…exactly when am I supposed to make dinner? On those nights, it’s absolutely necessary for our meals to be ready FAST.

I try to use my slow cooker as much as possible but it’s not always an option. I depend on products like BIRDS EYE® Veggie Made™ Skillet Meals for a tasty and nutritious meal that I can have ready in a flash.

The meals are such a timesaver on a busy night. Even though I plan my meals ahead of time, things can happen that require me to make a last minute change. When I need a meal on the table fast, I just grab a BIRDS EYE® Veggie Made™ Skillet Meal from the freezer and dinner is ready in under 15 minutes.

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Remember, each bag is a complete meal that’s packed with great taste and nutritious veggies. You don’t need to defrost a meat and find additional sides…everything is ready to go. BIRDS EYE® Veggie Made™ Meal includes white meat chicken AND pasta or rice made from vegetables. Yep, the pasta and the rice ARE the vegetables, with the taste and texture of the real thing. So you get protein and nutritious veggies in one easy-to-prepare meal.  There’s no artificial flavors or preservatives AND you get 1 full cup of vegetables per serving on cauliflower rice items and ½ cup of vegetables on pasta items.

Look for three varieties at your local Publix –

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