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I have a head full of hair. It’s thick, long and often a wild mess! I spend a good chunk of time drying and hot ironing my hair just to get it under control.

I also color my hair pretty often in an attempt to keep the grey hidden. At this point, I am pretty sure I have more grey hair than brown–YIKES!

The combination of coloring and styling can be hard on my hair so I like to use products that will help keep it as healthy as possible. I spend a lot of time and money on my hair so the last thing I want is a haircare product that damages, dries out my hair…or worse—strips the color that eats up my H&B budget!

I like to check out all the haircare products when I shop each week at Publix and love to see those NEW signs pop up! I was very excited to see new products from in the Not Your Mother’s line of haircare. I love their shampoo and conditioners and use their dry shampoo about once per week. I love them for how they work AND what’s NOT in them.

The new Restore & Reclaim products caught my eye. Part of their naturals line, these products are made with 98% naturally derived ingredients* and formulated without sulfates, gluten, parabens, dyes, & phthalates. I have been using the Activated Bamboo Charcoal & Purple Moonstone Shampoo and Conditioner for about a week or so and have been very pleased. It helps my hair look and feels great without any harsh chemicals.

Now there was another product that caught my eye. This one actually wasn’t for me, it was for my husband. My husband has very little hair on his head BUT he has a very long beard. I love his beard and so does everyone else. Guys will actually stop him in stores to talk and ask him about it. Seriously…it happens ALL the time!

I think he is hard to miss (and forget) because his beard is completely silver! If we go somewhere that we have been before, it never fails that people always remember Jim.

His beard is fabulous and he works hard to keep it looking good. We actually found out the hard way that he CANNOT use just any shampoo on his beard. Low quality products not only damage his beard but they can also make it look yellow. He has to use a special type of product…a PURPLE shampoo!

Yep, he needs a purple shampoo for toning and neutralizing brassiness to help keep that big beard looking great. So the new Blonde Moment shampoo is a fantastic option for him.

The new shampoo is infused with dark violet pigment to prevent brassiness & color changing and violet rice for revitalizing & soothing dry or damaged hair. Obviously it’s great for folks with blond hair but it’s also perfect for folks with balayage, highlights and silver hair.

He has been using it and loves it. It makes me happy too as I used to have to order his other shampoo online and it wasn’t cheap! Now, I can simply grab it whenever he needs it.

You’ll also find a new Plump For Joy dry shampoo and a whole line of products for folks with curly hair. Look for a lot of options in the Curl Talk collection when you shop. The entire line is formulated without sulfates, silicones, parabens and drying alcohols. All items (excluding the mousse) contains Rice Curl Complex, which is a blend of rice, keratin amino acids and enzymes to hydrate, condition, protect, and enhance curl retention.

It’s so nice to be able to get the exact product you need for your specific type of hair. And it’s even better that we can get it at the store that we shop each week. No running around town AND no need to shell out big bucks at the salon. You get the highest quality, salon comparable haircare items at the most affordable prices.

Be sure to look for the new items the next time you shop!

*Ingredients are considered naturally derived if they are unchanged from their natural state or have undergone processing (which may include the use of non-natural ingredients or processing agents), yet retain majority of their molecular structure from their original plant or mineral source. The remaining synthetic ingredients constitute 2% of the formula to help ensure its efficacy and shelf life.