Still Time To Stock Up On Knorr Selects, Skillets, and Sides During The BOGO Sale At Publix

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I wanted to give you a reminder that you only have a couple more days to take advantage of the BOGO sale on Knorr Selects, Skillets, and Sides at Publix. Stock up on delicious and convenient meal starters to help you put great taste on the table in a flash.

I depend on Knorr to help me serve up great taste that my family loves. Whether it’s as a side dish or a meal starter, Knorr offers tons of great varieties that are easy to prepare and always tastes delicious.

When you are struggling to come up with a meal on a busy night, look to Knorr to help you create a tasty meal in just minutes! Knorr offers a higher quality, more natural foundation for a flavorful one-dish meal.

Knorr One Skillet Meals make dinnertime a breeze. Look for simple recipe right on the bag. You can see exactly what is required for the recipe while you are at the store so you can grab just what you need. Once you are home, a little bit of prep is all that is needed to put together a tasty meal on the table fast.

All Knorr One Skillet Meals have no color from artificial sources, no artificial flavors, and include organic grains. You’ll find a range of delicious meal starters featuring organic ancient grains like barley, farro, quinoa & whole wheat couscous. Knorr One Skillet Meals contain only responsibly sourced, organic grains and whole wheat couscous. Just add chicken, beef or even shrimp and fresh vegetables to create a satisfying main dish that is full of flavor.

Right now you can stock up on a super convenient meal starter and pay just $1.50 per bag!

Don’t forget about the Knorr Sides and Selects when you are stocking up.

Knorr Selects come in a variety of rice and pasta options. Plus for all of you with gluten sensitivities, the Knorr Selects line includes many gluten-free varieties. With great taste and quality ingredients, you’ll feel good serving these at your dinner table!

  • Knorr Selects – No artificial flavors or preservatives, no colors from artificial sources, gluten-free, Made with 100% rice, no added MSG
  • Knorr Pasta Selects – No artificial flavors or preservatives, no colors from artificial sources whole wheat, gluten free varieties, no added MSG

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