This post is sponsored by Castello. All comments and opinions are my own.

Look for a big selection of Castello Cheeses in the specialty cheese case at your local Publix. With so many different options you are sure to find just what you need.

  • Castello Gouda RoundRich and creamy with a semi-hard texture. Nutty flavor and a touch of sweetness.
  • Castello Havarti CreamyMild and aromatic cheese with just a hint of tanginess. Creamy consistency but is easy to slice and enjoy.
  • Castello Double Crème BlueRich and smooth with a soft, creamy texture and hints of autumn mist. The complex taste combines the taste of slightly salted sour cream with the rounded, hoppy bitterness of blue.
  • Castello Traditional Danish Blue Wedge Fine, nutty, blue mold aroma with hints of marzipan and a soft bitterness of sourdough.
  • Castello Aged HavartiMild, slightly tangy Danish Havarti. Matured for 12 months in Denmark, to a traditional recipe dating back to 1952.
  • Castello Vintage Havarti – Creamy, with attractive deep notes of butter and fermented milk. Aged 24 months, it offers a deep, rich, creamy flavor and crunchy texture. The small white spots that are visible on and within the cheese are the secret to its delicate crystalline texture and subtle crunch.
  • Castello Extra Creamy Danish Blue Wedge – A mild blue mold aroma, buttery with a hint of oiliness and a sharp blue mold sourness overlaid on tempered salty butter.
  • Castello Crumbled Blue – A fine, nutty, blue mold aroma with hints of marzipan. The taste is an exact blue mold; soft and elegant bitterness with a marzipan note overlaid on the sourdough sourness of the cheese.

Castello Cheeses come in a variety of options from indulgently creamy, to curiously crumbly and even surprisingly sharp. With so many options, you will find just what you need. Whether it’s for a snack, part of your favorite recipe or served up as part of a delicious holiday cheese board you are sure to find delicious cheeses to suit all your needs.

Need some cheese board inspiration? My sweet and savory boards can help you with ideas for your next holiday gathering. Whether you are hosting an intimate gathering for a few or a big shindig with a huge guest list, a cheese board is the ultimate way to serve up great taste no matter the size of your get together.