This post is sponsored by Hampton Farms. All comments and opinions are my own.

Snacks are an important part of my menu each week. Yep…when I am making a shopping list each week, I add all the items that I need for my meals AND include snacks to that list as well. I need my snacks each day, they are just as important to me as the meals that I work so hard to plan and prepare!

Some of my favorite snacks include nuts, cheese and hummus. Those are items that I eat almost daily so I try to keep a good supply on hand at all times. When I see a good deal on my favorites, I definitely stock up. So you know I was thrilled to see my favorite Hampton Farms nuts on sale at Publix!

Hampton Farms Cashews and Peanuts are amazing as a quick snack when hunger hits. I can grab a handful and get a punch of protein that’s packed with amazing flavor! There are lots of varieties available so I just pick whichever I am in the mood for. Maybe one day it’s something sweet and the next it’s something spicy—or even a combination. For me the hard part is just keeping them stocked in my snack drawer. You see, I am not the only one in my family who loves those nuts…I have to compete with my guys who are huge snackaholics. They can put a big dent in my Hampton Farms supply. I have opened the drawer more than once to find the bags completely empty.

Now, I keep some in my snack drawer AND a couple of backup bags in my baking drawer. I am not exactly hiding them. After all, the nuts are amazing in salads and so many other recipes.

Be sure to take the opportunity to stock up and grab a deal while we have a great price. Find Hampton Farms Cashews and Peanuts in the produce aisle at your local Publix.

  • Honey Sweet Cashews 8 oz, $4.99
  • Honey Chipotle Cashews 8 oz, $4.99
  • Honey Maple Peanuts 9 oz, $2.50
  • Honey Sriracha Peanuts 9 oz, $2.50

Each variety is made with all natural ingredient including real honey for a taste that you’ll absolutely LOVE! All varieties are gluten free and made locally here in the South. Hampton Farms is a local North Carolina company in Severn, NC.

Don’t miss your chance to stock up. If you haven’t had the chance to try these amazing nuts…now is definitely a great time to check them out. I can’t even give you a suggestion on which is best because they are all honestly AMAZING. You’ll just have to try them all!