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You may have heard the term freezer cooking before. This method doesn’t mean that you use your freezer to cook food. Instead complete meals are made ahead of time or partially prepped and frozen so that dinner can be prepared quickly. It offers a convenient and economical way to feed your family, especially on a busy night!

When you have a freezer filled with food you give yourself the gift of time. So when football practice runs late, no need to stress. Just pull a pre-made casserole from the freezer and pop it in the oven and dinner is ready with no effort at all!

It also helps save money as you can skip the fast food drive thru. Plus, you can take advantage of sales and use those items to prepare meals and you become a super saver!

It’s really not hard to get started. The easiest way to begin is to simply double a meal. Serve one and freeze the other for later. The key is just being prepared. Make sure you have enough ingredients and a good supply of Ziploc® brand Freezer bags and you are ready to go.

When you freeze your meal, be sure that you label it with all the pertinent information. I like to write the meal name, date it was prepared as well as basic cooking directions. The name and the date help me keep everything tidy in my freezer. You know things can start looking all the same once frozen. The basic cooking directions are great just in case you need a little help from a family member or neighbor in a pinch.

With the sale on Ziploc® brand freezer & storage bags, now is the perfect time to stock up so you can start getting ready to stock your freezer for the fall.

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Remember, Ziploc® brand bags should only be used for storage and/or defrosting or reheating foods in the microwave. If you are reheating or cooking your meals in the oven, please remove the food from the bags and place in an oven-safe dish prior to cooking.