Stock Up On Outsiders Pizza Company Pizzas – On Sale Now At Publix!

Jul 9, 2018 | #, Deals | 2 comments

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Not too long ago, I told you about the new Outsiders Pizza Company Pizzas. These are new to Publix and if you haven’t tried them yet, you are missing out on fantastic pizza! These aren’t your typical frozen pizzas…these babies are big pan pizzas. I am talking hearty, packed with cheese and toppings, golden, melt in your mouth crust pizzas.

This is the one pizza that I can serve my boys and make them BOTH happy. Jeb is typically a thin crust kind of guy and likes a crunchy crust. Jake on the other hand likes a thicker crust. With the Outsiders Pizza Company Pizza, Jake gets that thick crust he likes and Jeb gets that crunch that he enjoys…it’s the perfect combination.

I know my guys are pizza-aholics and all, but they are quite picky and have turned their noses up at several pizzas that I have brought home before. I like to try new products and grab deals when I can but I learned a long time ago that it’s only a good deal if my family enjoys the food I serve!

I have good news…you can pick up delicious, hearty pizzas for $2 off the regular price. Yep, these pizzas are on sale as part of the new Advantage Buy flyer that started this weekend.

  • Outsiders Pizza Company Pizza, 26.6 to 28.1 oz, $7.99

Stock up on either of the two tasty varieties available in a big 8 x 12 inch pan in the frozen aisle at your local Publix now through 7/20.

  • Genoa Salami + Brick Cheese – Genoa Salami and Wisconsin Brick Cheese
  • Three Cheese – Wisconsin Brick Cheese, White Cheddar, and Smoked Fontina

Stock your freezer while you can save and have a delicious meal that you simply bake and serve whenever you need it. Much more economical than delivery and definitely more convenient that dealing with the hassle of pick up/take out!

I’ll give you a perfect example of how being prepared can come in handy…

We had friends over for midday cookout and swim. We ended up having so much fun that they stayed well into the evening. I hadn’t quite planned for them to be there for dinner so I started scrambling to come up with dinner options. I checked for pizza delivery and it was going to take 45 minutes and cost over $20 for a couple of pizzas to be delivered. I could have sent my husband to the local cheap $5 pizza place but he would have had to leave our guests and even the kids aren’t thrilled by those cheap pizzas.

Instead, I just grabbed a couple of Outsiders Pizza Company Pizzas from the freezer and in minutes we had a hot meal. I added a salad and some cut fruit and dinner was quick, easy and delicious! The night went so well, my friends ended up staying for a movie. It was a great day and since I was prepared, it was stress-free!

Be sure to take advantage of the sale so you’ll be ready for unexpected guests or be have a quick meal handy for a night when your schedule doesn’t go quite as planned. I promise you’ll be thankful when you can reach to the freezer when needed!

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  1. Can’t wait to try, hoping for BOGO but might go ahead, I had it out looking at, boy oh boy they look really great and heavy. Larry was very disappointed when I place back

  2. I cannot support this brand. The language on their packaging is not appropriate for children, and I won’t bring it in my house.


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