This post is sponsored by HEINZ®. All comments and opinions are my own.

I do most of the shopping at my house. Every once in a while, my husband will stop by Publix and grab groceries for me. Usually it’s to pick up things that I have forgotten or ingredients that I need for a recipe. Typically he grabs what I need plus anything else that strikes his fancy. I try not to send him too often as he can break my budget in just one quick trip!

On one of his recent trips he came back with my list and a few extra items that he found…including a bottle of new HEINZ® Real Mayonnaise.

He is the mayo fanatic of the house so I am sure that NEW tag caught his eye. Since then, it’s been what he requests on all his sandwiches!

That sandwich you see is one that I packed for his lunch last week. He is probably the least picky person in my house. He doesn’t care what kind of meat goes on his sandwich. He is happy with or without cheese. BUT…he will not eat a sandwich if there isn’t mayonnaise on it! HEINZ® Real Mayonnaise is what makes his sandwich perfect.

I have great news…there is a buy one, get one FREE sale on HEINZ® Real Mayonnaise this week at Publix. Pick up a couple of bottles at a great discount!

HEINZ® Real Mayonnaise 19 or 30 oz, BOGO $5.49

New HEINZ® Real Mayonnaise is deliciously creamy and made from 100% cage free eggs. It’s the perfect mayo for all your sandwiches and salads. Upgrade your mayonnaise and look for HEINZ® Real Mayonnaise BOGO at your local Publix now through 7/18 (7/17 for some). Find it in the 19 oz squeeze bottles and 30 oz jars. After all, sandwiches can’t resist the great taste of HEINZ®.

Be sure to visit the HEINZ® Mayo website for more information.