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Hopefully you have had the opportunity to spend a little time over the holiday weekend hanging out with friends and family. My guys are out of school now so we have already kicked off our summer schedule. We will spend a good chunk of the next few months outside…playing AND eating!

Yep—when the weather gets warm, most of our meals move outdoors. There are just so many benefits and honestly makes my life so much easier.

A huge benefit is that my kitchen stays so much cleaner since I don’t have to use it as much. With us using the grill as much as possible, I use far fewer dishes so I have a fraction of the cleanup. Plus the house stays much cooler in the warm months as I don’t use the stove/oven nearly as much as I do in the colder months. I like to think it saves a little bit of money…a few pennies maybe–tee hee!

Another great benefit is all the help I get with meals. My husband will usually handle the grilling for me so I only have to deal with the sides. I can’t tell you what a timesaver that is in my day!

We spend so much time outside that my husband even built me new tables for my Mother’s Day gift this year. I always complain that we never have enough sitting room when we entertain. Now I have enough room for over 20 people to sit and eat. Plus he added two holes in the tables for buckets so I can fill them with beverages, flowers, snacks or whatever I need for our meal..they are so handy

An outdoor meal just feels a little more relaxed. We can sit and enjoy our meal and catch up on the day. Then when it comes time for cleanup, it’s quick and easy!

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