Yesterday I started up a pretty spectacular giveaway. I have been just tickled pink with the response that has come in so far. My favorites are the handwritten notes from the little ones with misspelled words, lots of pictures and words written in every color in the rainbow.

I have had lots and LOTS of questions come in about the giveaway so I thought I’d give you a reminder about the giveaway and answer some of the recurring questions here so that it might help others who might be wondering the same thing.

First let’s talk about the giveaway…

Next week is teacher appreciation week and the folks at Crayola want to reward some very special teachers by giving them BIG Publix gift cards. They are offering up one $250 Publix gift card and nine $100 Publix gift cards and you all get to choose who YOU think should win! In addition, the ten children who nominate the winning teachers also get a super prize package from Crayola. See, I told you it was a spectacular giveaway.

To enter just have your child tell me about their teacher and why they are special. They can draw me pictures, write a story, make a card, or just send a simple note. If they want to dictate their story and you send, that is fine as well. I just want to hear from the kids…they are the one who know these teachers. Of course I am happy to hear any additional comments from the parents. I am a parent and have PLENTY to say about my kids’ teacher—I totally get it!

Please make sure that the teacher’s name and school are included in the entry and send it to me at (feel free to email pictures). You can see the entry details HERE as well as the additional entry options.

OK…now on to the questions.

Can my child nominate multiple teachers?

Sure – if they have multiple teachers that they think are awesome and deserve to win, then they can enter all the teachers. I just need them to complete separate entries for each teacher and email them separately please.

Can I share this giveaway at my child’s school?

OH MY GOODNESS— YES PLEASE! I would love if every single person told everyone that they knew and clicked every share button on social media! The goal of this giveaway is to recognize and show our appreciation for deserving teachers who work hard for our children! Let’s get as many teachers entered as possible!!

Will this be graded? Should I edit my child’s work?

NO!! Your child will not be judged on spelling, punctuation, grammar, or anything of that nature! I would rather hear EXACTLY what the child has to say about their teacher than an edited version!

My child is homeschooled – can he/she still participate?

Of course…the child can nominate any teacher!

Okie dokie…I think that covers most of them. If you have more questions, just let me know and I’ll keep updating the page.

Again, I am so excited that you all are loving this giveaway. Having two school aged boys, I have massive respect and appreciation for all the teachers in my boys’ lives. I can’t wait to see more entries come in!