This post is sponsored by Crayola. All comments and opinions are my own.

I am VERY happy to report that there is a steady stream of teacher nominations rolling in for the Crayola Teacher Appreciation giveaway. If you haven’t had the opportunity to send in your kiddo’s entry…you still have time. Head over and check out the entry details HERE for the full scoop.

Remember the folks at Crayola want to reward some very special teachers by giving TEN teachers some FREE Publix gift cards. They are offering up one $250 Publix gift card and nine $100 Publix gift cards. In addition, the ten children who nominate the winning teachers also get a super prize package from Crayola.

I know you would love to be able to surprise your favorite teacher with a big gift card next week. So please take a moment to check out the entry details…it really is quite easy to participate. I honestly feel like I am getting a reward just by being able to read all the entries. I think my heart may have grown about 10 sizes bigger seeing all the love for all these teachers!  I have even gotten a few videos…that’s been super exciting and fun. So yes…please send in videos if you want–I LOVE them!!

Since teacher appreciation is next week, I am getting my boys gifts ready to go. I wanted to take a minute to remind you that while the teachers would love for you to show up with a stack of money…they understand that we are all working moms and dads and living on a budget. BUT…a thoughtful gift can go a long way!

I put together this little bag for Jeb’s teacher and it cost me less than $5. It’s just a bottle of body wash that was in the clearance bin at Publix…nothing wrong with it they are just discontinuing the fragrance.  Then, I popped in a cheapie sponge that I had also picked up a while back on clearance. I added in a box of Crayola Crayons—teachers can ALWAYS use these! Finally, I just typed up a silly note and popped it all in a bag that I happened to have on hand. Voila–a fun gift that let’s her know that I appreciate everything she does!

You don’t have to spend a ton of money…remember, it’s the thought that counts! I bet the teacher would appreciate a note of appreciation just as much as anything else. Have your kiddo write it up and email it over to me for a chance to win their teacher a gift card and themselves a Crayola prize pack. Then you can also pop it in an envelope and give it your child’s teacher next week…you’ll kill two birds with one stone!