Grab Vanity Fair Extra Absorbent Napkins For Your Holiday Gatherings & Save With The Publix BOGO Sale

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I love to entertain but very few of my get togethers are dainty little tea parties. My parties are big and messy and fun! I serve up lots of tasty foods and drinks and expect there to be a few spills and splatters. I don’t bother to get stressed out…I just make sure I am prepared with plenty of napkins.

I picked up the NEW Vanity Fair Extra Absorbent Napkins a couple of weeks ago when I spotted them at Publix. I purchased them planning to use them for my Mother’s Day gathering and they did not disappoint…the new napkins are AMAZING!

They are super thick and will stand up to any mess you throw at them. We did a low country boil for the adults and hot dogs for the kids. Usually all that messy seafood requires that I put a big roll of paper towels out for folks. I thought that maybe since the napkins were extra absorbent they might be able to handle the mess a little better. I was absolutely right!  These are definitely my new favorite napkin…

NEW Vanity Fair Extra Absorbent Napkins are perfect for all your summer get togethers as they are more absorbent than a paper towel* so you can easily clean even the biggest messes off your face and hands.

So no matter if you have big juicy burgers or hot dogs dripping with mustard, with two layers locked together for extra absorbency, Vanity Fair Extra Absorbent Napkins can handle all those big messes! They are 2x thicker and 40% more absorbent than the Vanity Fair Everyday Napkin and are made with premium fibers for touchable softness. So you get great absorbency that feels amazing. It’s the perfect napkin for any mess!

Look for the new napkins in the paper aisle at Publix and grab them this week while you can get a super price. Go ahead, pull out the watermelon AND the Vanity Fair and be sure to take advantage of the BOGO sale and stock up for all your upcoming summer gatherings!

Vanity Fair Napkins, Impressions: Regular or Dinner, 40 ct, or Everyday, 80 or 100 ct, BOGO $2.59
Just $1.30 per pack!

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