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While breakfast may be the most important meal of the day…often it can seem like the most boring meal of the day! Cereals, bars and dry toast aren’t my favorite way to start the day. I prefer a hot meal to help me jumpstart my day.

Good news…breakfast is hot again and it wants you back. Now you don’t have to  compromise great taste and real food for convenience. New Just Crack an Egg will help you take breakfast back!

Who can pass up a hot breakfast made with real food like ham, cheese, potatoes, green peppers and onions? How about a scramble with potatoes, cheese and bacon? Just Crack An Egg is a tasty option that will start your day off right. You can enjoy the great taste in just minutes from your microwave!

Just Crack An Egg is the perfect option for a convenient hot breakfast. You get great taste that’s fresh and delicious with just the crack of an egg! Plus there are no artificial flavors, dyes or preservatives so it’s the perfect option for your whole family.

Look for two tasty varieties in the egg aisle at Publix –

  • Denver Scramble
  • All American Scramble

I try to keep several of each variety on hand so that everyone has their favorite available. My husband and I prefer the Denver Scramble with the peppers and onions while both of my boys prefer the All American Scramble…they just can’t resist that bacon and egg combo! Jake has become a pro in the kitchen and often helps out by making his while I rush around getting lunch boxes made. I love the help and those few extra minutes will mean that we might actually get out the door on time.

Head into Publix and pick up a couple and then enjoy easy prep and great taste. Just add an egg and breakfast is ready in under 2 minutes.