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You may be spending quite a bit of time in the kitchen over the next few days. Those holiday meals always taste amazing but they definitely take quite a bit of time and effort.

While the big holiday meal will be the main focus, there will still be lots of other meals to prepare this week. When you want to serve up great taste without a ton of effort, look to NatureRaised Farms® Frozen Fully Cooked Chicken for a tasty meal solution. You get great taste from products that are easy to prepare and made from quality chicken that’s raised right.

You can feel good serving NatureRaised Farms Frozen Fully Cooked Chicken to your family and guests. NatureRaised Farms Frozen Fully Cooked Chicken contains all natural* ingredients and is made from chickens raised with a 100% Vegetarian Fed Diet that are raised with No Antibiotics or Steroids** ever!

The folks at NatureRaised Farms believe that keeping things simple is good for chicken, good for the world, and even better for you. The result is chicken that simply tastes delicious. In my world, simple tastes better.

Look for new packaging next time you are at Publix AND get a great deal with the Ibotta offer that’s currently available!

$1.50/1 on any NatureRaised Farms® frozen fully cooked chicken product

The nice thing is that the Ibotta offer can be redeemed up to 2 times so you can stock up for a quick and convenient meal option during this hectic time of year!

• Southern Style Crispy Chicken Strips
• Gluten Free Chicken Breast Patties
• Gluten Free Grilled Chicken Breast Strips
• Gluten Free Chicken Breast Nuggets

* No artificial Ingredients, minimally processed ** Federal regulations prohibit the use of added hormones or steroids in chicken.