You guys know that I have a big weakness for frozen treats. I don’t care if it’s 100 degrees or 40 degrees outside, anytime is a great time for Gelarto!

I found this amazing gelato a couple of months ago while I was snapping pictures at Publix. I spotted those “NEW” product tags and had to check it out.  I brought a container home with every intention to share with my guys. Unfortunately they didn’t get the opportunity to try it…I ate every.single.bite of the whole container.

I swear I kept telling myself that I was only going to take a bite. The next thing I know, I had demolished the whole thing. The taste was amazing, I just couldn’t help myself.

Gelato products are made with milk or water (not cream) so the taste is not masked by dairy fat. So you get intense taste in all their amazing varieties! Tasting is believing.

Made in Italy since 1956, you’ll now find several delicious varieties in the frozen aisle at Publix. Look for flavors including the following –

  • Cocco Tropicale (Coconut)
  • Nocciolata (Chocolate with Hazelnut)
  • Caramello Salato (Sea-salt Caramel)

The Cocco Tropical makes me feel like I am sitting on a beach on a tropical island…the flavor is amazing. Plus the Nocciolata and the Cheesecake di Fragola never last more than a few days in my freezer. You really may have a hard time choosing a favorite.

Pick up a pint (or two) next time you shop and enjoy quality without compromise.