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When you are making your shopping list this week, don’t forget the Smart Balance® Buttery Spread!

There is a buy one, get one free sale running now through 9/27 (9/26 for some). You’ll be able to grab your favorite varieties as low as $1.68 per tub.

Whether you use as a spread on a tasty Lender’s® Bagel or in your favorite recipes, Smart Balance® Buttery Spread gives you great taste whether you cook with it, bake with it or just spread it! It has no hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils. It’s also dairy free so you can use it like butter and love it even more!

Smart Balance® not only tastes great, it’s perfect for all your favorite foods. You don’t have to sacrifice taste for a better-for-you spread!

Look for these Smart Balance® varieties available in the dairy section at Publix –

  • Smart Balance® Original
  • Smart Balance® Light with Flaxseed Oil.
  • Smart Balance® Omega-3
  • Smart Balance® made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Smart Balance® Low Sodium

Smart Balance® is perfect on all your favorite foods. You get amazing taste no matter how you use it. Stock up at Publix and enjoy the great taste on Lender’s® Bagels, in your mashed potatoes, on your pancakes, in your baked goods…anywhere that you’d use butter.

With so many benefits you won’t want to use anything else!

  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range1
  • No hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils
  • 0g trans fat
  • Made with a unique blend of oils that improves the ratio of “good” HDL to “bad” LDL1
  • 400mg Omega 3 ALA per serving
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy Free
  • No diacetyl added

Need a recipe idea? Try this recipe for Whole Wheat Buttermilk Waffles and enjoy a wholesome start to your day!

1 The right blend of fats may improve your cholesterol ratio when at least 2/3 of fat intake comes from this product; limit fat to 30% of calories and saturated fats to 10% of calories. Limit cholesterol to 300mg/day. Avoid foods with partially hydrogenated oil. Exercise regularly.