Great Price On Ivarest Poison Oak/Ivy Treatment At Publix – Enjoy Your Time Outside This Summer!

Jul 5, 2017 | #, Deals | 3 comments

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About a month ago, I shared a picture of one of my flower beds. I was tickled pink at all the sweet comments and emails that I got from you guys. While not even close to perfect, I am very proud of how everything looks. I look forward to spending time outside working in the dirt.

I thought I’d share a few more pictures…see, I told you that I spend a lot of time outside!

Now as I mentioned, my gardens are always a work in progress. Weeding alone is a pretty constant job and I find that I am always picking and pulling those darn weeds. Every once in a while I can talk my guys into putting on their gloves and helping me out. Often, I will just sneak off as I look at the time outside as a way to escape and get away from my daily chaos.

One thing that I can’t escape is that annoying poison oak and poison ivy. It grows all over my property and it next to impossible to avoid. Like I mentioned in my last post,  I keep Ivarest Poison Oak/Ivy Treatment on hand at all times so that I can deal with it right when I know that I have been exposed.

No matter how hard I try, poison oak/ivy is just something that happens when you are outdoors enjoying all that the summer has to offer.

Luckily Ivarest is #1 selling  Poison Oak/Ivy Treatment item in the US. Since exposure often isn’t known until a rash develops, Ivarest Poison Ivy Itch Cream’s double relief formula provides the full spectrum of relief when a poisonous plant reaction occurs. It contains an antihistamine to help stop the reaction and an analgesic to soothe the itch fast. It also contains calamine and other ingredients that soothe skin itch and dry oozing, weeping blisters.

Now is the time to stock up for the summer. You’ll find Ivarest on sale at Publix. Stock up for the season while you can get the bottles for just $5.99…a savings of $1 per bottle!

I promise, you’ll be thankful to have it on hand when you need it!

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  1. Gorgeous plants !

  2. What a beautiful home & garden .If you ever give up blogging you should go into landscaping. You really have a knack for it.

  3. Love, love, so gorgeous & lots of work you do to get everything so Beautiful : ) Thanks for reminding, I want to keep so on hand for the fireants


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