This post is sponsored by Keebler. All comments and opinions are my own.

You guys know that I love holidays! I love to decorate my house to celebrate all the various holidays…big and small. So even though Valentine’s Day is just one day, on the first day of February I’ll add little touches of pink and red throughout my house. I don’t go overboard but it’s my opportunity to change things up and make it fun.

Now when it comes to making foods for the holidays, I am your gal. I’ll be the first one to make fun foods for the boys class parties and I’ll even whip up themed treats for their breakfast and lunches. BUT…do not ask me to be the craft mom! I am the worst when it comes to craft projects and anything creative. I have tried so many of those cute Pinterest ideas and failed miserably! So I was thrilled to see the super cute valentines from Keebler! Those are right up my alley…

Simply print, cut and attach valentines messages to tasty cookies for a fun Valentine’s Day treat that you can send to school with the kids. They actually have two different versions to choose from.

The first version is the one that I liked best. These are the ones that you see above. They are cute little messages that you attach to the top of a Keebler cookie to-go-cup. I thought this would be the best option for my guys since they are a little bit older.

For younger kiddos, I think the second option would probably be good as you can put a smaller portion of cookies in a plastic bag and then attach the message to the top.

So why not share some #cookielove this Valentine’s Day? Head over and download your FREE printable Valentines then have the kids grab some scissors and in no time you’ll have a sweet treat that they can pass out to their friends.