This post is sponsored by Veetee. All comments and opinions are my own.

Dinnertime is always a busy time in my day. Often I am rushing to get something on the table between homework and running out the door to one of our many extra curricular activities. I am always trying to balance taste and convenience. Finding foods that help me create tasty meals without being stuck in the kitchen makes for a less stressful day. And, when my day runs smoothly, everyone in my house is a little happier!

On busy nights I can heat up some meatballs, whip up a little brown gravy and serve it over some rice. Voila…dinner is on the table in 15 minutes. Thanks to the great taste and quick prep of Veetee Dine In Rice, I can put together a delicious meal that my guys will devour.

If you haven’t tried Veetee Rice yet, now is a great time as we have a sale running at Publix. With the 3/$5 sale you can stock up on great taste and convenience that makes these rices a must have on a busy night.

What’s great about this rice is that’s ready in just two minutes from your microwave or wok! Two minutes is all you need for delicious, perfectly cooked rice. Veetee Dine In is the foolproof way to enjoy rice without the hassle of dirty pans.

Veetee Rice comes in a convenient tray that’s transparent so you can actually see the rice. That means you can see the quality of the rice before you even open the tray! Plus, there are no additives or preservatives. Plus with a shelf life of 12 months! You can stock up and have a quick and easy meal starter that’s ready when you need it.

Next time you are shopping be sure to grab a couple of trays so that you can serve up a delicious meal in a flash!