Fantastic Deal On CremD’or Simply Gourmet and Rougette Simply Gourmet Cheeses At Publix – Great BOGO Sale!

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This post is sponsored by Simply Gourmet Cheese. All comments and opinions are my own.

simply-gourmet-cheeseDid you notice the super deal on the CremD’or Simply Gourmet and Rougette Simply Gourmet cheeses that I shared in the Happy Report yesterday? Both cheeses are BOGO right now at Publix! You can stock up on absolutely delicious cheese at a fantastic price!

If you have never tried these cheeses now is the time to pick them up! CremD’or Simply Gourmet is a soft-ripened cheese with a mild flavor, perfect for pairing with apples or for slicing on sandwiches.

Rougette Simply Gourmet is a soft-ripened cheese with a beautiful reddish orange (edible) rind. It is more aromatic and stronger than CremD’or and is excellent paired with nuts and dried berries.

Both cheeses are made using pasteurized cow’s milk but are LACTOSE-free due to the natural ripening process. The cheeses are made with all natural ingredients and are free from gluten. They are also made using microbial rennet (vegetarian friendly) and rBST-free milk.

The cheeses are made using only fresh milk from alpine farms in Bavaria, Germany. The folks at Simply Gourmet Cheese have been making fine specialty cheeses for over 100 years and continue to source milk from regional farms in support of local dairy farmers and to ensure the highest quality milk goes into making their cheese.

Now the most important thing is the taste…you guys know I just happen to be somewhat of a cheese-a-holic. I personally love them both and pick a cheese based on my mood. My mid-afternoon snack involves cheese at least 90% of the time so I like to vary my snack so I don’t get bored. Sometimes I want something mild and other times I like a cheese with a strong flavor. I like to have both on hand so that I can enjoy a tasty snack anytime I feel the urge.

The cheese is also so pretty when placed out for guests. Simply place the cheese on a tray and let everyone cut as much as they’d like. Pair with crackers, fruit, nuts and more.

Be sure to take advantage of the BOGO sale and pick up each round for just $2.50 each now through 9/21 (9/20 for some). Grab them both and let me know which you like best!


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