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Sargento SandwichEveryone has their own version of what makes a perfect sandwich. Heck even here at my house, all four of us each have a different idea of what all goes into that ultimate sandwich. Personally I have about five different sandwiches that I will rotate between based on my mood. I don’t like mayo or mustard—which my guys think is just insane. I prefer hummus or guacamole as my spread if I am having a cold sandwich. Sometimes I don’t do a spread at all. Once tomato season hits, I will be very happy with a super simple sandwich that consists of ham, cheddar cheese and lots of big, juicy, fresh tomatoes!

Now while we may not agree on what makes the perfect sandwich, we all definitely agree that only one cheese is good enough to go on that sandwich – Sargento® Cheese! Sargento Slices are always 100% real, natural cheese. You can see and taste the quality on your sandwich…whether it’s hot or cold!

Paired with the natural goodness of Hillshire Farm Naturals® Lunchmeat, you are sure to have a winning combination. You get great taste with no artificial ingredients, no artificial preservatives and added nitrates or nitrites. Choose from delicious varieties like Honey Roasted Ham and Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken Breast that are naturally smoked with a blend of hardwoods for incredible flavor.

sargento HFIt’s simple to create your perfect sandwich and get great savings thanks to the big coupons in the Publix Advantage Buy flyer. Look for coupons to save on Sargento Sliced Cheese and Hillshire Farm Naturals Lunchmeat. Together they make some of the most incredible sandwich combinations that you can imagine. Plus, with the savings you can stock up on different meat and cheese varieties so that everyone in your family can create their perfect sandwich. Taste how perfectly it all comes together.

Hillshire Farm Naturals lunchmeats are crafted to be both 100% natural and 100% delicious so you know that no matter which Sargento Sliced Cheese you add, you’ll have an amazing sandwich every time! With all the meat and cheese combinations that are possible, you could have a different sandwich every day for a month or more! Thanks to the great savings, you’ll be able to enjoy a super discount while you try to figure out which is your favorite.

Why settle for anything less than 100% real, natural cheese? Remember, American Singles, sometimes known as Pasteurized Processed Cheese Food (PPCF), are only required to contain 51% cheese. When you want to create the perfect sandwich, choose Sargento and get the delicious taste that your sandwich deserves!

AD The content within this post was paid for by Sargento.