unspecifiedWhen I am making our menu each week, I ask my guys if there’s anything that they have a taste for. Typically they will chime in with some suggestions and requests to help me put together a grocery list. Of course there is usually a request for pizza or meatballs…no surprise there!

So what about those little ones who can’t tell you what they want to eat? They depend on us to give them the taste they want with the nutrition that they need. Luckily Sprout® offers tons of tasty flavor combinations to help introduce babies to a variety of new flavors and blends. Sprout® has crafted a variety of fruit, vegetable, and grain blends that help babies adapt to new flavors and textures and provides greater exposure to wholesome foods. So both you and your baby can be happy at mealtime!

SPT101-01 stage 2 - Spinach Banana Apple - 3DLook for a huge variety of flavor combinations when you shop at Publix. There are so many options available, your baby will never get bored at mealtime. Each Sprout® pouch is packed with delicious whole foods that you can feel good about feeding your little one. Plus, it’s never too soon to start practicing healthy eating habits. Research shows that starting babies on healthy foods early in development helps foster healthy eating habits through life.

In addition to the great taste and flavor combinations available, Sprout® foods are made with the good stuff! Sprout® uses only certified organic, non-GMO ingredients in their recipes. Their baby and toddler purees are made from whole fruits, vegetables, and grains (no concentrates) and contain no preservatives and nothing artificial.

Be sure to grab your baby a variety of delicious flavor combinations next time you are at Publix. Your baby will love the taste and you’ll love that they are eating real, honest, and pure food!

For more information visit the Sprout® website.

This post is brought to you by the folks at Sprout®. All comments and opinions are my own.