edy's coupon publixIs there anything better than a cold treat on a hot day? My definitely answer is – no way Jose! I am an ice cream fanatic and could happily have a scoop every day as a special treat. Now the only thing that makes it better is when I can get that taste I love at a discount!

Well, we are all in luck as there’s a big Publix coupon that will help us score a super deal at Publix. Load your $2 coupon and pick up any of the fabulous flavors at a great discount!

Remember, once you’ve loaded the Publix Digital coupon you’ll have until 7/20 to actually use the coupon. So load it now and grab your favorite variety so you can cool off…it’s hot out there!

Publix has a big variety of the new Slow Churned Simple Recipe varieties. These tasty ice creams are made with simple ingredients and have no artificial ingredients, no rBST and no GMO ingredients.

simple ingredients

Choose your favorite variety and save a whopping $2 on your favorite Edy’s® product and have a tasty treat that your whole family will love!

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