Buy 2 Ziploc® Brand Products & Get $5 Off A Ticket To The Angry Birds Movie (+ Another Reader Wins A Ziploc® Brand Prize Pack!)

May 13, 2016 | #, Deals | 72 comments

ziploc angry birds

Yesterday I told you about the fun promotion where you can get $5 off a ticket to The Angry Birds Movie, in theaters May 20, 2016, just by buying any 2 Ziploc® brand products.

How fun is that? You pick up a couple of essential products that you use in your home and you get a discounted day of entertainment!

The redemption process is super simple. You just head over to http://www.ziplocangrybirdsmovie.com/ and UPLOAD your receipt showing your purchase of 2 Ziploc® brand products by 6/3 and you’ll get a code for one (1) e-Movie Cash® ticket (valued at up to $5.00) to see The Angry Birds Movie. 

We have a sale on both the containers and the bags in the current Publix ad plus there are coupons that you can use to pick up a great deal. Once you stock up you only need to submit your receipt and you’ll be able to enjoy the movie at a fantastic discount.

Ziploc® brand Containers, 2 to 4 ct, or Bags: Storage or Freezer, 14 to 24 ct, or Sandwich, 90 ct, Assorted Varieties, 2/$6
$1/2 Ziploc® brand Containers Printable
$1/2 Ziploc® brand Bags Printable
$1/2 Ziploc® brand Containers (Checkout 51 Deposit) [Any variety. Items must appear on the same receipt.]
$1.50/2 Ziploc® brand Bags, Any
$1.50/2 Ziploc® brand Bags, Any
$1/2 Ziploc® brand Bags, Any 
As low as $2.25 each after coupon plus qualifies for the movie ticket offer wyb 2!

Look for the Ziploc® brand Bags with Easy Open Tabs® when you shop at Publix. The bags come with an added tab, making them easy to grip and open. They also feature three distinctive colored tabs for easy organization:

  • Ziploc® brand Storage Bags with Easy Open Tabs® feature a pink tab
  • Ziploc® brand Freezer Bags with Easy Open Tabs® feature a blue tab
  • Ziploc® brand Sandwich and Snack Bags with Easy Open Tabs® feature a green tab

For more information about the promotion, see full offer terms & conditions available at www.ZiplocAngryBirdsMovie.com.

Here’s more great news…I have another Ziploc® brand prize pack to give to one reader (approximate retail value $100). Just follow the instructions below and you could be my big winner!

ziploc easy openEntry is simple! You just need to complete the task below. As a reminder, comments left on Facebook, Twitter or other posts will not be included. You can also get two additional entries…just be sure to leave an additional comment per task completed (up to three comments). I will choose the winner on Friday 5/20 at 11 pm and announce the winners the next day!


  • Share your favorite size Ziploc® brand Bag or Container that you find you use most around your home.


The post is brought to you by the folks at Ziploc® brand. All comments and opinions are my own.

Limit two (2) offer redemptions per email/person and one (1) offer redemption per receipt. Subject to full offer terms & conditions available on www.ZiplocAngryBirdsMovie.com. Powered by TPG Rewards Inc. Angry Birds™ & ©2016 Rovio Entertainment Ltd and Rovio Animation Ltd. All Rights Reserved. ©2016 S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. My favorite, and certainly most used, is the sandwich bags. Not only for sandwiches, but for small leftover items or just organizing small items in a drawer or tote.

  2. Already liked IHP on Facebook

  3. Already liked Ziploc on Facebook

  4. Sandwich and Gallon size are the ones I use the most.

  5. We love the 4 gallon zip bags for summer camps! For my youngest I pack daily outfits in each zip bag – keeps the clothes dry and clean even if his duffle bag isn’t! We used these same bags to store high school soccer uniform kits until next season! Throw in a dryer sheet .. and voila! Love the organization hauling towels and sunscreen to the pool, too! 🙂

  6. Sandwich bags…

  7. Meats go into the freezer ziploc bags before going into the freezer, even lunchmeat for sandwichs.

  8. I like IHP on FB!

  9. Ziploc containers are wonderful for leftovers!

  10. I love the Ziploc bags, much better than other brands!! I use the gallon, quart and sandwich bags in my kitchen, my office and my sewing room. I also love the new containres, the large rectange and the medium square are my favorites.

  11. I have liked both the Like I Heart Publix on Facebook and the I Heart Kitchen Pinterest Page

  12. I have liked the Ziploc brand Facebook page as well

  13. Hands down I use quart size freezer bags the most.
    Love them

  14. I am a fan of ziploc

  15. I have been your fan from the beginning..years and years. And, still here. Hehe.

  16. We use the gallon size ZiplocFreezer bags most frequently.

  17. I keep a quart size Ziploc bag in the door of my car for trash, and just empty when its full. It’s very handy when you have little ones.

  18. My most-used Ziploc is the gallon size freezer bag.

  19. I use the sandwich bags ziploc alot and the most

  20. I like i heart publix on facebook

  21. I like ziploc on facebook

  22. I use the Ziploc gallon bags the most.

  23. I use snack bags the most.

  24. I follow I hear publix.

  25. I follow ziploc.

  26. I definitely find myself using the “snack” size Ziploc baggies the most.

  27. My favorite are the quart size freezer ziplocs because they are great for freezing my marinara sauces that I make ahead of time.

  28. I use the snack size the most for “portion-control”.

  29. We use the gallon freezer bags at least a few times every single week.

  30. I like Ziploc on Facebook.

  31. I like I Heart Publix on FB too.

  32. Sandwich bags. We use about 8 daily!

  33. It is really sad how many sandwich bags I go through. I tried reusable bags and my husband would not use them. He said that was just gross. He wants a ziploc bag. He told me to leave a slice of meat off his sandwich if that’s what it took for me to keep my grocery budget and still buy ziploc bags.

  34. I like I Heart Publix on Facebook

  35. I follow I Heart Kitchen on Pinterest

  36. I like Ziploc on Facebook

  37. I follow Ziploc on Pinterest

  38. I use the sandwich bags for snack or sandwiches

  39. I Heart Publix Facebook fan

  40. I use the quart freezer bags for my Zaycon ground beef and the gallon ones for my Zaycon chicken breasts.

  41. Already liked the Ziploc bags facebook page.

  42. Already liked iheartpublix on face book years ago.

  43. My to go ziploc bag is sandwich size 🙂

  44. I liked IHeartPublix on FB’s

  45. I liked Ziploc on FB’s

  46. My most used Ziploc bags would be sandwhich and snack bags.

  47. I like I Heart Publix on Facebook.

  48. I like Ziploc on Facebook

  49. Gallon size gets used the most at our house.

  50. I use Ziploc quart freezer bags more than the other sizes, and I use a lot of them!

  51. I use the gallon freezer bags all the time for keeping my leftovers “fresh” in the freezer!

  52. I like Ziploc on Facebook!

  53. I like i heart publix on facebook!

  54. The quart size for freezing blueberries!

  55. I like I heart Publix on fb

  56. I like Ziploc on fb

  57. like Ziploc on fb

  58. like i heart Publix on fb

  59. love the small flat containers

  60. My favorite Ziploc is the 2 Gallon Freezer Bag.

  61. My favorite size is the galon ziplock freezer bag, they hold just enough for my family of 4.

  62. I like I heart publix on facebook.

  63. I use the quart size most often at home. When I am freezing chicken or ground beef, I may use gallon bags and wrap serving sizes in plastic wrap. I try to keep a box of both sizes in my ballpark bag – you never know what might be needed. The gallon size is great for icing down sore muscles.

  64. we love snack size, perfectfor school luches

  65. facebook follower

  66. following Ziploc on facebook

  67. It’s hard to choose a favorite since I use every size they make. However, I use the storage gallon the most.

  68. I like Ziploc on Facebook

  69. I already like I Heart Publix on Facebook

  70. While I use the sandwich size bags the most for lunches and freezing individual portions of meat, my favorite are the snack bags. They are the perfect size for corralling so many small items. When Ziploc introduced them, I was like “What took them so long?!

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