State Fair Corn Dogs – Minis 29Now that baseball season has started I have plan out meal and snacks even more carefully than I did before. We are often running from activity to activity and many times dinner is pushed very late in the evening to accommodate all the running around!

I try to keep a good variety of foods on hand so that the boys have energy to go from school to ball practice, karate, tutoring, Science Olympiad, or wherever we are headed that day. One of their favorite things to eat are State Fair Corn Dogs!

The boys love the taste and they offer a  good source of protein which gives them energy to power through all they need to accomplish. After all we rushing to get a lot done in a very short amount of time.

Plus there are tons of different options. If the boys just need a quick snack after school, I can cook up a few minis and add in a banana. For those nights when I need a quick and easy meal, I might cook up a beef corn dog and some pasta with some steamed veggies. No matter which I choose, the preparation is super easy. The boys get a tasty meal with less fat and calories than a serving of chicken nuggets. They are happy and I can get dinner knocked out in a flash!

Be sure to stop by the frozen aisle at Publix and pick up your favorite varieties so you’ll be prepared for your busy day.

Visit the State Fair Facebook page or the State Fair website to learn more about the original Corn Dog.

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