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One of my biggest challenges as a mom of little boys has been trying to teach them responsibility. When they were little, my little lazybones were masters of making messes but were not great at cleaning them up. This usually meant that they would make a pitiful attempt at cleaning, and I would go behind them and put everything where it was actually supposed to go.

That got old very quickly! I then started labeling their bins and containers with pictures so they could easily see where their toys and supplies needed to go. All toys that didn’t make it “home” to the containers were sent to time out. It didn’t take long for the boys to learn they needed to be responsible for their belongings if they wanted to keep them.

Now that my boys can read, I use a permanent marker to label our Ziploc® brand containers with One Press Seal instead of using picture labels. We still have the same rules, and every once in a while a treasured item gets stuck in time out for a week. That’s all it takes to remind them to keep their stuff organized.

Over the years Ziploc® brand products have been my ally in the fight against the daily chaos. Particularly, Ziploc® brand containers with One Press Seal, which come in several shapes and sizes. These containers are designed to be nested within each other when empty and stacked when full. Of course, they are perfect for all your food storage needs but, they are also perfect for many other uses around the house to keep you and your family organized!

They are the perfect solution to contain lots of loose items and small items, such as my boys’ toys and supplies. And, surely we aren’t the only family with a ton of loose crayons? Those paper boxes last maybe two days at my house! Having a Ziploc® brand container with One Press Seal devoted to crayons means there aren’t a million crayons floating around my mud room drawers and the boys can easily find the colors they need.

The same goes for colored pencils, markers, glue sticks, erasers, paint, stickers and all the other art supplies they use weekly! The boys can grab a container, use what they need, then pop it back in the cubby, and everything is neat and tidy again. Below is just one of the many cubbies around our house. If you have a Lego fan at your house, these will become your best friend!

ziploc storage boys

As you can see, this simple organization system allows the boys to be independent and for me to have a little more peace of mind!

With school starting soon, it’s a great time to get organized. Stop by Publix where you will find a variety of shapes and sizes of Ziploc® brand containers with One Press Seal. It’s a great time to stock up!

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The post is brought to you by the folks at Ziploc® brand All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. Thank you for the insight on how to deal with kids messes. My kids are the same way and it feels like I spend half of my life picking up and re- picking up after them. I feel your pain when it comes to putting things back where they “should” go after a half-hearted pickup attempt, and I have just been pulling my hair out. Now only if it would work for husbands, too, I would be set

  2. What wonderful ideas! I never thought of using the containers for storing items and labeling the containers like you did. This would work very well for people with crafts or hobbies to help keep organized.


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