Fantastic Deal On Fruttare Bars At Publix + Enter To Win One Of FIVE $100 Publix Gift Cards!!

Jul 24, 2015707 comments

fruttare limeSummertime is such a great time of year. The kids love it because they get a break from school and many of us try to plan our vacations this time of year too. Thanks to the beautiful weather, we tend to be outside more, whether it’s at the pool, the beach or a backyard barbecue. Summertime is fun time.

Living in the South, you guys know that it can get hot. I really don’t mind the heat, I just find fun ways to cool off. The boys love to run through the water sprinkler or jump in the pool but there’s just nothing better than a delicious frozen treat on a hot summer day. A Fruttare Bar is a refreshing and delicious way to beat the heat and enjoy a bar bursting with real fruit taste and delicious juice!

Thanks to the fantastic deal at Publix you can stock your freezer and enjoy your favorite flavors at a fantastic price! We have a great BOGO sale available through 7/29 (7/28 for some.)

publix bogo fruttare-2
Fruttare Frozen Fruit & Milk Dessert Bars or Ice Bars, Assorted Varieties, 10.8 or 12 oz, BOGO $3.99
$0.75/1 Fruttare Multi-pack printable
-$0.75/1 Fruttare Multi-Pack, Any (Maximum 2 Identical Coupons Allowed in Same Shopping Trip; Coupon Value May Not Exceed Value Of Item Purchased; DND) Blinkie (exp 9/4/2015)
Just $1.25 per box – 21¢ per serving!!

Publix carries many of the different varieties of Fruttare including:

  • Black Cherry
  • Lime
  • Pineapple

fruttare publixWe’ve tried them all and I’m not sure I could pick a favorite. I grab them based on my mood. Sometimes I want the sweet, tropical flavor that the Pineapple provides then other days I’d rather have the sweet and tangy taste of a Lime bar! Honestly, it’s really too hard to decide the best one. Luckily the sale means that we can stock up and get a couple of boxes of each variety!

I have some exciting news – the folks at Fruttare are giving FIVE I Heart Publix readers the chance to stock their freezers for FREE! I have five $100 Publix gift cards to give out to some lucky folks. 

publix-gift-cardEntry is simple! You just need to complete the task below. As a reminder, comments left on Facebook, Twitter or other posts will not be included. You can also get two additional entries…just be sure to leave an additional comment per task completed (up to three comments). I will choose the winners on Friday 7/31 at 11 pm.


  • Head over to the Fruttare site and check out all the varieties. Let me know which one(s) you will be stocking up on with the Publix BOGO sale.


This post is brought to you by Unilever. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. Mango, Coconut, strawberry!!!!!!!

    • Lime is my favorite.

  2. the black cherry are my favorite ; )

  3. My Grandchildren LOVE LOVE the Strawberry! So I will be stocking up on those.

    • LOVE the Strawberry 🙂

  4. I like the coconut and lime flavor Fruttare.
    I Liked the facebook page and follow on Twitter.

  5. Strawberry, Pineapple and Coconut!

  6. We love Coconut!! 🙂

    • Forgot to mention that I liked Fruttare’s FB page

      • and folllow iheartpublix fb and webbsite

  7. I ADORE the Lime flavor! I’m always excited when these are on sale because they’re good & a low calorie count so I don’t feel guilty.

    • I follow & like iheartpublix on both FB & Twitter

    • LIME LIME ALL TIME favorite
      All 4 of my girls love these because of the real fruit.

      • Also good to have a variety of the flavors so when their friends pop over they enjoy the cool treat Outside as well !! Yum

  8. Coconut and Milk. A box is in my freezer right now!

  9. I love coconut!

  10. I like Fruttare on FB!

  11. I love the Coconut Milk. My favorite!

  12. I like I Heart Publix on FB!

  13. Mango is my fav!

  14. I like Fruttare on FB!

  15. I like I Heart Publix on FB!

  16. The Strawberry and Strawberry + Milk

  17. Stocking up on Mango!

  18. My kids love the lime….we would love to try the mango!

  19. Mango and coconut!

  20. My all time favorite is MANGO! When I bite in – it makes my mouth HAPPY!

  21. Our favorites are the pineapple and strawberry!

  22. I “like” the I Heart Publix facebook page!

  23. Pineapple sounds great

  24. I like fruttare on fb

  25. I like iheartpublix on fb

  26. I live the scrumptious strawberry flavor! Not to mention it’s a guilt free treat 🙂

  27. Strawberry and lime are the favorites here!

  28. I like the strawberry.

  29. I love the mango, kids love the lime so I will be getting both!!!!

  30. Coconut all the way for me!!

  31. It’s Strawberry, Pineapple amd Lime for me!! And I guess I will share with my grandkids when they come over. Maybe…. 😉

  32. Strawberry is our absolute fave but I had no idea they had pineapple!!! I will have to get my Publix to get some of those!!!

  33. Mango and Strawberry

  34. Coconut milk is the best fruttare flavour. Yum, yum!

  35. Mango

  36. I follow you on FB

  37. pineapple… or maybe, lime… probably pineapple..but maybe, lime… =)

  38. I like I Heart Publix on FB as Aaron-Krysten Burlage and follow on Twitter as Krysten_Burlage

  39. i like you on FB

  40. I follow fruttare on FB

  41. I likeFrutare on FB as Aaron-Krysten Burlage and follow on Twitter as Krysten_Burlage

  42. The coconut one definitely!!!!

  43. I like I Heart Publix on Facebook.

  44. Lime sounds refreshing!

  45. I LOVE Lime.

  46. Strawberry is my favorite Fruttare.

  47. Liked on FB

  48. I love the banana & milk.

  49. I like Fruitarre on Facebook!

  50. I like Fruttare on Facebook.

  51. The strawberry and the strawberry and milk are delicious.

  52. I like I heart publix on Facebook!

  53. I have not tried the black cherry and I think I will buy these as they sound divine.

  54. Banana if they have it.

  55. I will be stocking up on Lime. YUM!

  56. I liked the Fruttare facebook page

  57. I love the lime ones!

  58. I’d love to try the lime.
    Fruttare makes yummy treats!

  59. I think the black cherry look great. My son just picked out the box of Lime. 🙂

  60. Liked Fruttare on FB.

  61. Liked I Heart Publix on FB!

  62. I would like the coconut, strawberry and banana flavors.

  63. I love them all, but my favorite is Mango!

  64. I like I heart Publix on facebook and twitter.

  65. We LOVE all the flavors especially the strawberry and the strawberry + milk one but my hubby is quite taken with the coconut one 🙂 …

  66. My favorite Fruttare bars are Coconut and peach. Actually, I like all of them.

  67. I like Fruttare on Facebook.

  68. Will be grabbing coconut and milk plus black cherry!

  69. I liked I Heart Publix on facebook.

  70. I liked Fruttare on face book.

  71. Long time Iheartpublix follower on facebook and twitter!

  72. Followed Fruttare on Twitter!

  73. Liked Fruttare Facebook’s page and following Fruttare on Twitter!

  74. Pineapple is my favorite.

  75. Liked I Heart Publix on Facebook and followed on Twitter.

  76. I follow you on FB.

  77. Pineapple, anything pineapple for me!!!

  78. Pineapple!

  79. I follow you on FB.

  80. I like IHP on FB.

  81. I like Fruttare on FB.

  82. I like fruttare onFB.

  83. our family will be stocking up on strawberry, pineapple, and strawberry and milk!

  84. I liked Fruttare on Facebook!

  85. Mango has always been our family favorite.

  86. Love the coconut, strawberry, and pineapple!!

  87. I liked IHeartPublix on Facebook!!!

  88. I am wild about the Fruttare “BLACK CHERRY.” I love cherry, but this black cherry is SCRUMP-DELICIOUS! The taste and wholeness of this spectacular icy treat, gives me something to think about and look forward to all day. I rush home just so I can have one. I am crazy about these products. I like them for dieting too. Great, filling meal. Thanks Fruttare.

  89. The Fruttare Flavors that I will pick up are the Lime and the Strawberry & Milk !!!

  90. Ok. I might sound a little greedy but I am going to get Coconut/milk, Mango, Black Cherry and Pineapple.

  91. coconut and black cherry

  92. I have liked the Fruttare Facebook page. Looking forward to the BOGO sale.

  93. Strawberry

  94. Black Cherry and Lime.

  95. Strawberry!

  96. I follow IHP and Fruttare on FB

  97. I follow IHP on FB

  98. Fruttare Black Cherry!!!!

  99. Coconut & Milk Yummmmmm

  100. Lime!

  101. LIME!

  102. Black Cherry!

  103. I like IHP on FB!

  104. Follow on Facebook

  105. Follow you on Facebook

  106. Lime. Everybody loves them and they don’t stain the kiddos clothes. 🙂

  107. Not a Twitter user, but if I were, I would follow both 😉

  108. Black Cherry, Mango, Pineapple and Coconut are my faves, but they are ALL good!

  109. Love the pineapple, mango,and coconut varieties!

  110. I liked Fruttare on Facebook

  111. Already liked IHP on Facebook and follow you on Twitter, too!

  112. Black cherry for me!

  113. Followed on Twitter

    • Should read Followed Fruttare on Twitter 🙂

  114. Followed I Heart Publix on Twitter

  115. The Coconut & Milk Fruttare Bars rock my world!!

  116. I love Fruttare. I love coconut, lime and mango. Can’t wait to try Black cherry.

  117. liked I Heart Publix facebook page

  118. I’ m craving coconut right now. Yummm

  119. liked the Fruttare facebook page

  120. My favorite so far is the strawberry! I would like to try black cherry and lime!

  121. Black cherry and lime!!

  122. The Lime and the Coconut are the favorites in this house!

  123. Liked Fruttare on FB.

  124. lime

  125. Also followed Fruttare on Twitter.


  127. Lime, lime, lime.

    I ate at least 3 a day while pregnant with my son.

  128. I like I Heart Publix on Facebook

  129. I am going to stock up on pineapple and black cherry>

  130. There are always Fruittare pineapple and coconut bars in my freezer since my husband and I love this stuff. I am pregnant now and even feel craving for more pineapple. Since too much pineapple could cause miscarriage so I had to ask my doctor and she said it is ok with one or two pineapple bars a day. So Fruittare pineapple is a must for me right now. I got 2 boxes yesterday already and will come back to Publix to get more since I still have a couple blinkies and hope I would be lucky to be a winner:)

    I already liked Fruttare on Facebook.
    And already liked IHP on Facebook too.

  131. Mango and black cherry are our favorites!

  132. I would pick the lime and black cherry ones!!

  133. Pineapple is awesome!

  134. My favorite is Black Cherry.

  135. Mango! my fave 🙂

  136. can’t wait to get the coconut milk flavor, mmm!

  137. I also “like” I heart Publix on Facebook.

  138. I’ll be stocking up on mango for hubby and pineapple for myself.

  139. I also follow Fruttare on Twitter.

  140. I couldn’t decide which one would taste the best, so I bought one of each. Yum!

  141. I’ll definitely be stocking up on the strawberry

  142. I can always go for mango! So good.

  143. I like Frutarre on facebook

  144. I follow Fruttare on twitter

  145. I like iheartpublix on facebook

  146. i follow iheartpublix on twitter

  147. Coconut for me, black cherry for the kids

  148. I love the lime!

  149. Liked! I stocking up on the lime and pineapple

  150. My favorite is mango.

  151. Mango and pineapple are my absolute favorites!

  152. Black Cherry! absolutely

  153. black cherry

  154. We like them all! coconut sounds great

  155. I follow I heart publix on FB

  156. I follow fruttare on FB

  157. I would buy black cherry

  158. I would stock up on pineapple

  159. Ill be stocking up in the mangi for the BOGO!

  160. I’ll be stocking up on the mango for the BOGO

  161. Strawberry and Milk are the best ones that I’ve had so far.

  162. The choice is easy for me, 10 banana & milk, 10 strawberry , 10 mango, 10 strawberry & milk and 10 pineapple. Thanks Michelle for the chance.

  163. Liked the Fruttare FB page!

  164. Already liked the I Heart Publix FB page!

  165. Strawberry and also Pine apple they both loo and sound equally great to me!

  166. We love the mango and coconut & milk.

  167. I like Fruttare on face book

  168. I follow I heart publix on face book

  169. mango!!!

  170. liked Fruttare on fb

  171. I liked Fruttare’s FB page

  172. Already liked the I Heart Publix FB page!

  173. I like Fruttare on FB.

  174. I like IHeartPublix on Facebook

  175. I’ve tried the strawberry, coconut, and mango. I didn’t know they make a black cherry, but I think I’d like to try that one too!

  176. I like Fruttare on facebook.

  177. I follow and like IHeartPublix on twitter and facebook.

  178. Lime and pineapple!!!

  179. Coconut

  180. My kiddos love the Lime, and Black Cherry is also a big hit with my husband!

  181. I bought black cherry.

  182. I liked Fruttare on FB

  183. All of the flavors look like they would taste AMAZING! I ended up picking up from the store today, the Black Cherry and Lime! I can’t wait to try them after dinner tonight! My husband and kids love when I bring home new treats to eat from couponing! Just one of the perks of couponing!!

  184. Pineapple sounds good!

  185. We all love the mango and the pineapple at our house.

  186. Also, liked the IHP Facebook page.

  187. Gotta have the lime and pineapple !!!

  188. Pineapple looks the yummiest to me!

  189. I like I heart Publix on Facebook. Thanks for all the giveaways!

  190. Love the mango and coconut.

  191. The coconut are our fav!

  192. I love all the flavors strawberry and mango are my favorite. And love the fact that their are flavors are sugar free. My spouse is a diabetic and it’s great snack for him.

  193. Black cherry!!! I love the strawberry too!! Oh, what the heck, I want them all!!!

  194. Phew, that was a lot of comments to scroll through! I would put the lime in the coconut!

  195. My favorite that I look forward to purchasing with the bogo is coconut with milk!! I’m an island girl and it’s the closest to tasting like my freshly made ice cream’s back home.

  196. Strawberry and lime

  197. Coconut and Milk

  198. I love the coconut flavor!! I stock up every time they go on bogo.

  199. HANDS DOWN – Black Cherry! yummmm

  200. I follow I Heart Publix on Twitter

  201. PINEAPPLE!!!!!

  202. I love the coconut and milk bars!

  203. I “like” Fruttare on Facebook.

  204. I “like” Fruttare on Facebook.

  205. I “like” I Heart Publix on Facebook.

  206. I liked Fruttare on Twitter

  207. I will definitely be purchasing pineapple and dark cherry when I go to Publix but they are all delicious!

  208. Lime, Coconut and Black Cherry sound DELISH!!!!!

  209. I asked my 3 year old what flavor do you like as I held up 2 different flavors lime and black cherry she said “yes and yes” and grabbed both… Lol I guess they’re all winners in her book.

    • Omg… I just saw y’all are picking the winners on July 31st yayy that’s my 25th birthday!!!!

  210. I follow iheartpublix on twitter and like on Facebook.

  211. Pineapple sounds good; I haven’t had that one. I’ll be stocking up.

  212. I like you on Facebook!

  213. I also like Fruitaire on Facebook.

  214. Black cherry sounds delish!

  215. Living here in Florida during the summer can be a scorcher. We stock the freezer with the pineapple for me and my husband. Of course we need to have a healthy cold snack for the grandbabies….their favorite is strawberry

  216. I liked Fruttare on facebook

  217. I already likes I Heart Publix on facebook and I get the email updates

  218. Oh. I’ve tried the Lime, Strawberry, and Mango. I would love to find and try the Pineapple and Black Cherry varieties.

  219. Strawberry is my favorite!!

  220. I love pineapple!

  221. I love the coconut and milk Fruttare frozen bars!

  222. I would like to try the pineapple and the lime bars

  223. Lime for me!

  224. I liked Fruttare on Facebook.

  225. I like you on facebook.

  226. I like IHP on Facebook!

  227. Like the Fruttare FB and I Heart Publix

    I like the Banana and Milk,Pineapple, Coconut and Milk. Yummy!

  228. Last summer we were hooooooked on the Coconut and Milk but this summer it is all about the Banana and Milk Fruttare bars! Come on, everyone sing with me……. Banana fana fo-ana …….. fee fi fo-ruttare!! 🙂

  229. Lime is my go to flavor. But mango, strawberry , and pineapple get spots in our freezer too!

  230. Great price. I wish I had more coupons! 🙂 We have tried them all except the banana..I am really picky about that flavor and most companies get it so wrong. We all have our faves so I will have to get a variety to include my faves are the tropical flavors, like coconut/milk. pineapple, lime and mango..the rest of the family loves the berry flavors..like mixed berry with milk, strawberry; and black cherry for the big guy 😉 Thanks.

  231. I follow Fruttare on facebook

  232. I follow I <3 Publix on FB and twitter both.
    Have a great weekend with your family.
    Happy Birthday Week!!!
    Safe Travels..it is crazy out there!!!

  233. That would be
    Black Cherry, Black Cherry, Black Cherry and ummmmmm Black Cherry!

  234. I am a Fruttare Fan.

  235. I am a fan of your site

  236. Pineapple sounds yummy!

  237. Love most flavors. Would deff buy lime, coconut milk & pineapple.

  238. I follow you On FB

  239. I follow fruttare on fb

  240. We like the Mango and Black Cherry

  241. I love the Black Cherry and my husbands favorite is Pineapple. We will be stocking up.

  242. Mango and Strawberry!!! :):):)

  243. Long time follower of I Heart Publix. You are the best, thanks for all you do for my family.

  244. Coconut, is the best.

  245. Lime and strawberry

  246. Coconut & milk, pineapple.

  247. I liked Fruttare on facebook.

  248. Like Fruttare on FB

  249. I like iheartpublix on facebook.

  250. Black cherry and lime !

  251. I just love, love, love the Coconut Fruttare. No need for other snacks when I have them in the house. Hide them in the freezer so nobody else in the house eats them.

  252. I can’t choose!!! I love the lime…it is so refreshing. But the coconut is YUMMY! It’s a tie!

  253. We will definitely be stocking up on strawberry, lime and mango with a few black cherry. YUM!

  254. My absolute favorite is peach and milk.

  255. My favorite is Black Cherry but I love them ALL!
    I also liked the Face Book page.

  256. I always buy the lime because it’s my husband and son’s favorite flavor.

  257. Pineapple and coconut – pina colada on a stick!!

  258. I like fruttare on facebook.

  259. I “like” Fruttare on Facebook.

  260. I follow Iheartpublix on facebook.

  261. I “like” I Heart Publix on Facebook.

  262. Banana and Milk is my fav!

  263. I would stock up on the Mixed Berry & Milk and the Strawberry.

  264. I’m an absolute addict when it comes to the coconut & milk! Can’t get enough of them.

  265. I’ll definitely be stocking up on the Mango!

  266. Lime. Tart and refreshing. Thank you for the giveaway

  267. We love the banana and milk, the lime and the mango!

  268. We follow Fruttare on Facebook and on Twitter

  269. We follow iheartpublix on Facebook and Twitter!

  270. We get the banana flavor the most often.

  271. I love the Lime Fruttare!. Liked them and will always follow them on Facebook. I also like I heart Publix on Facebook and plan to follow them forever!!!!


  273. I follow publix and Fruttare on Facebook and on Twitter

  274. I love publix and Fruttare

  275. publix and Fruttare are my favorite follow on twiter/facebook

  276. hope to win beacause I am a loyal publix and Fruttare fan/consumer

  277. Mango and black cherry

  278. Like (and LOVE) Iheartpublix on Facebook

  279. love the strawberry, but I am going to try the lime!

  280. I look forward to stocking up on the Lime flavor! So delicious in this hot, humid weather right now.

  281. I follow I Heart Publix on Twitter. I’m @4StephanieD

  282. I will be stocking up on Strawberry & Black Cherry Fruttare.

  283. I like Fruttare on Facebook.

  284. I like I heart Publix on Facebook.

  285. I’ll be stocking up on coconut. I liked Fruttare on FB and already liked IHP on FB. 🙂

  286. I will be stocking up on Strawberry Fruttare, yum!

  287. I like Fruttare on Facebook.

  288. I like I heart Publix on Facebook.

  289. I will be stocking up on the Black Cherry.

  290. I am following Fruttare on Twitter

  291. I already follow you on Twitter and FB

  292. Lime is my favorite!

  293. I liked the I Heart Publix FB page.

  294. I’d stock up on the Coconut. Yum!

  295. Coconut and Black Cherry!

  296. I am a Fruttare liker

  297. I am a IHP liker on facebook

  298. love the coconut and milk bars and my kids love the strawberries and milk. I really want to try the black cherry though. I have not seen them at my store yet!

  299. I follow Fruttare on Twitter

  300. I like I Heart Publix on Facebook.

  301. They all sound great to me, especially the Black Cherry.

  302. I like you on FB.

  303. I like Fruttare on FB.

  304. Banana and Mango

  305. I will be stocking up on the Lime, Mango, and Coconut & Milk varieties of Fruttare.

  306. Pineapple is the best !

  307. I like mango – thanks

  308. I liked your fb page.

  309. I liked fruttare’s fb page – thanks

  310. I liked Fruttare on Facebook!

  311. Strawberry

  312. like fruttare on facebook

  313. Black Cherry and Strawberry! YUM!

  314. Already like IHP on FB!

  315. I have liked Iheartpublix on FB for many years!

  316. like I Heart publix on facebook

  317. Black cherry, Lime and Pineapple sound good to me

  318. we love the mango

  319. I like frutarre on fb

  320. I liked iheartpublix on Facebook.

  321. fb follower

  322. Coconut with milk are my favorite.

  323. The strawberry and milk flavor is my favorite – I am absolutely going to stock up on a few boxes!

  324. I like I Heart Publix on Facebook (and follow you on Twitter too).

  325. I want to try strawberry and milk

  326. Lime is my favorite. Lots of other people must like them, too, because last year the local Publix ran out several times and I had to get rain checks!

  327. I love lime…

  328. Coconut, Coconut and more Coconut for our family! So goooood!

  329. COCONUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  330. Love Lime 😀

  331. mmmmmmmmm Strawberry and Milk is my FAVORITE!!! I love those so much!

  332. I have Liked I Heart Publix on Facebook !

  333. I have also Liked the Fruttare Facebook page!

  334. I liked Fruttare fb

  335. I liked I Heart Publix

  336. Strawberry and Milk is our favorite, but I see black cherry listed…sure wish my Publix carried that one!

  337. The Strawberry & Milk is wonderful! Tastes like homemade ice cream.

  338. Since my wife despises ANYTHING coconut, I think we will go for the lime and black cherry. These will be so refreshing with it near 100 degrees here in Georgia.

  339. Coconut and strawberry!

  340. I liked Iheartpublix on FB.

  341. Love the coconut one!

  342. I follow you on Twitter!

  343. I follow now Fruttare on Twitter.

  344. Liked Fruttare on FB.

  345. pineapple and black cherry

  346. Mom asks, “who wants FRUTTARE?” The kids scream, “me, me, me.” Tonnie loves the strawberry cut up in chunks and put in her orange juice. Joelly loves the pineapple dipped in whipped cream. These are our healthy snacks after school and after dinner. Even the dog wants one. He likes the coconut. Personally, I go on FRUTTARE diets. They are my choice to replace two meals a day. I lost 10 pounds doing this. Yes, we will always buy FRUTTARE. Thanks Publix. I liked and shared both.

  347. For the FRUTTARE sale at Publix – I’ll be stocking up on Mango, Black Cherry, Pineapple and Strawberry – yummy to my tummy 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  348. We love Strawberry, Coconut and Lime. I might just try dipping the Coconut in dark chocolate!!!!

  349. Pineapple!!! Absolute favorite!!

  350. I like the FRUTTARE facebook page and I follow FRUTTARE on Twitter.

  351. I like the I Heart Publix facebook page and I follow I Heart Publix on Twitter.

  352. I follow iheartpublix on facebook

  353. I would stock up on coconut and the black cherry! I tried them both and it was love at first bite!

  354. I love the pineapple.

  355. My favorite is coconut

  356. I like Fruttare Facebook page as Nancy Reid and follow Fruttare on Twitter as @eyewonit

  357. I like fruttare on fb and follow on twitter

  358. I like I Heart Publix on Facebook as Nancy Reid and follow you on Twitter as @eyewonit

  359. Black Cherry sounds great, I’ve never seen it at my Publix. I’ll have to look again.

  360. Lime and coconut

  361. I like old.iheartpublix.com on Facebook.

  362. I like Iheartpublix on fb and follow on twitter

  363. Any of the ones with Mink! Strawberry and milk is my favorite but I would love to try Banana and milk.

  364. I follow iheartpublix on Facebook.

  365. I liked I<3publix… But I couldn't find the I love I<3publix… I guess a like will do lol

  366. Annnddd I liked fruttare on Facebook…

  367. LIME is definitely worth clearing space for in the freezer!!!

  368. Pineapple!

  369. I tried the Lime variety for the first time earlier this year, and now am totally hooked on it.
    So refreshing after working outside!

  370. Strawberry, black cherry, and coconut!

  371. Coconut & Mango. . . Love the Tropics!

  372. Please fill our freezer with coconut & milk and banana & milk. Thanks very much!

  373. I absolutely love the Coconut & Milk flavor and would love to stock up on that one. And I see a lot of people love the Lime flavor so I might pick one of those up to try too.

  374. I follow i Heart Publix on facebook : sarah skylark

  375. I follow Fruttare on facebook too: sarah skylark

  376. Pineapple and Strawberry.

  377. Banana!

  378. Im following Fruttare on Twitter

  379. Im following IHP on FB

  380. I ‘Like’ Fruttare on FB!

  381. Lime all the way, my daughter loves these, I would really like a freezer full for her. Thanks

  382. I liked I heart publix on facebook.

  383. I liked frutare on facebook.

  384. Pineapple and strawberry.

  385. I like Fruttare on FB and I follow Fruttare on Twitter

  386. I like I Heart Publix on FB and I follow iheartpublix on Twitter.

  387. I love the Strawberry!

  388. I follow I Heart Publix on Twitter!

  389. I follow Fruttare on Twitter!

  390. Strawberry, Pineapple and Coconut

  391. We love the Coconut and the Strawberry!

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  394. One box of coconut and one box of strawberry!!

  395. You take the lime and the coconut and mix em both together. My 2 favs to stock up on!

  396. strawberry and grape is my households favorites liked on fb

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  407. Pineapple is our favorite flavor.

  408. Mango and coconut and milk for sure!

  409. Black Cherry, Mango and Pineapple

  410. Black Cherry, Pineapple, and Strawberry

  411. coconut is my favorite!!!!

  412. My family loves mango and lime, we would like to try black cherry and pineapple this weekend :o)

  413. Strawberry and pineapple.

  414. Mango and pineapple!!!!

  415. Love the banana and milk and the strawberry and milk. Wish that my “new” Publix carried them.

  416. I love strawberry, but I think I’ll give black cherry a try!

  417. I am a huge fan of the Mango and Coconut milk frozen fruit bars!!

  418. Pineapple is my favorite

  419. My favorite fruits, strawberry and pineapple. Love these.

  420. Pineapple, Mango, Strawberry!!!

  421. I would love to try lime and pineapple!

  422. The lime is so good, but I might try the black cherry for a change!

  423. I like the coconut and milk bars.

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  426. Lime & Mango are our favorites!

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  430. Strawberry!

  431. Both the hubs and I love the Cherry flavor! Yum. I have a couple boxes in the freezer now and will stock up this week!

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  434. I like coconut and the pineapple flavor!! YUMMY

  435. We love them all!

  436. They had me at “mango”!!

  437. lime, yum!

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  439. Coconut and Milk and also Lime.

  440. I like Fruttare on FB.

  441. I bought mine Thursday: black cherry!

  442. My family and I love the mango which our favorite. We also like black cherry, strawberry, and lime. The flavors are so fruity and refreshing and smooth and so light . It’s hard to eat just one. They are a healthy and cold treat to have in this Florida heat. We would stack up in all those favors if we win the gift card. My grandchild and I just finished a black cherry! Wow, it was delicious!

  443. Oh coconut please….. Liked fruttare facebook ,and iheartpublix….. Cant wait to try these on this sale 🙂

  444. Coconut and mango for me!!! I love these summer flavors!

  445. The lime – I buy it all the time!

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  448. Mango! yum

  449. Coconut & Milk has the highest rating so that would be my first flavor to try!

  450. I love Pineapple, Strawberry and Milk and Mango….YUMM!!! And i will most certainly stock up on those if I can get a hold of those flavors…

  451. Black cherry! I also follow on fb.

  452. I definitely want to try coconut and milk and banana and milk!!!!

  453. Lime, lime, and lime!

  454. Yummy coconut! That is my favorite!

  455. Coconut yum

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  457. I love the Lime!!!

  458. I just had a pineapple one earlier today!

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  462. pineapple, strawberry and coconut!!! Thanks 🙂

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  468. I stock up on he Strawberry and Lime Fruttare Bars. They make great mixed drinks!!

  469. Lime!

  470. strawberry & milk

  471. Have not seen the pineapple at my Publix in Athens, AL. Maybe they will carry it soon, because I love
    pineapple. I have tried all the others and absolutely love all, but lime is my favorite!!!!!!!

  472. I got some of (my all time favorite!) the coconut & milk, and lime for my niece, who insists that she hates coconut but always wants to eat mine, smh!

  473. I already follow you on Facebook!

  474. Strawberry!!! They are so good

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  477. I would LOVE I Heart Publix on FB if they offered that option, but they don’t, so I had to only ‘LIKE’ IHP on FB! 🙂

  478. Coconut is my fave, but I like them all!

  479. the pineapple looks great! I would also try my hand at the black cherry! I love BOGOS at publix!

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  481. i liked the pages (e michelle )

  482. Strawberry

  483. We love the Fruttare Strawberry! They are delicious during these hot summer months.

  484. The coconut is my favorite. Fruttare’s are so good that they’ve ruined me from enjoying any other brand, so I stock up when they go on sale!

  485. We love the strawberry! That is what we will stock up with!

  486. The coconut and lime flavor Fruttare bars are my favorite.
    I Liked the Facebook page and follow on Twitter.

  487. Coconut is the best!

  488. Follow on twitter and Facebook

  489. Lime for me. Very refreshing!

  490. Black cherry and strawberry!

  491. I love the coconut, but I think I will try mango!

  492. I will be stocking up on Strawberry and Lime!

  493. We love the coconut and the strawberry the most but we enjoy all the yummy flavors

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  497. The black cherry are great, I will get some of those.

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  499. I would like to try the mango and black cherry.

  500. I already follow you on facebook.

  501. I want to try pineapple or coconut! They both sound delicious!

  502. We love the Black Cherry!! Thanks Michelle 🙂

  503. I want the banana and milk

  504. I want to try mango and pineapple!

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  507. Mango! So yummy 🙂

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  511. I will be stocking up on strawberry and coconut

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  513. We love the pineapple & the coconut ones! So yummy! Thanks for the giveaway!

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  519. I love the strawberry fruttare bars…Follow you guys & fruttare on facebook (Amy Knox Holmes) & twitter(@amyknox20)…

  520. LOVE Coconut!! Yum, yum!

  521. I will be stocking up in the pineapple! 🙂 My kids love to eat these pool side- thanks for hosting!

  522. Mango!

  523. Black Cherry is our family favorite.

  524. Coconut, Lime and Strawberry

  525. I liked Fruittare on facebook

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  527. Lime and pineapple!

  528. Black Cherry and Mango.

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  531. The Lime ones sound really yummy! So I think I will stock up on those.

  532. My favorite to buy is Strawberry.

  533. My favorite is pineapple. Love it.

  534. Coconut and milk, black cherry, and strawberry! YUM!

  535. I love the coconut and the strawberry and my family always makes a fuss over them and we end up buying more.

  536. Liked IHP.

  537. Fruttare, liked them.

  538. I checked out the Fruttare page. I need to stock up on lime and pineapple. yummy!

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  540. Strawberry & Milk / mixed berry & milk

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  545. strawberry & mango 🙂

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  547. Love the pineapple, mango and strawberry. Thank you for the opportunity and all the deals. 🙂

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  550. I like the Mango & lime real juice bars

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  552. I follow I heart Publix on twitter

  553. I already love the lime and strawberry flavors of Fruttare. Hope I can find the mango and pineapple varieties to try!

  554. I am Facebook friends with I Heart Publix

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  556. Stocking up on lime and cocnut!

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  559. Strawberry.

  560. Liked I heart.

  561. I love coconut.

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  564. Black Cherry and PIneapple. Yumm!!

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  566. Strawberry is my go to flavor!

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  571. I like the strawberry & mango

  572. I love the banana & milk, looking forward to trying the black cherry!

  573. I love the coconut ones! Time to stock up!

  574. I like IHP on facebook

  575. I’ve bought the lime ones a couple of time. I love the tang they have. But I’m thinking the black cherry is a must try. I’m all about cherries right now!

  576. Lime and coconut are our favorites! With this great sale and coupon I may need to branch out and try the others.

  577. I follow Fruttare on Twitter

  578. Strawberry

  579. Fruttare FB fan

  580. IHP FB Fan

  581. I am definitely going bananas over the Banana and Milk!

  582. I’ve been wanting to try the coconut!

  583. Liked you on FB.

  584. I will be stocking up on Mango

  585. I will be stocking up on the Lime. My 2 year old son loves the tart flavor, and although it makes him squint his eyes, he ALWAYS come back for another lick ;o)

  586. Mango is my favorite.

  587. strawberry is our favorite

  588. I like iheartpublix on facebook

  589. Lime

  590. FB likerk

  591. FB follow IHP

  592. I love the Coconut and Milk and the Pineapple, so gotta get some of those and I may have to try the black cherry. They sound yummy!

  593. My son Mathew has Down Syndrome and I always stock up during publix bogo sales because not only is it so great tasting. It’s also healthy and well he just devours them. His favorite is Milk Coconut, and Pineapple. Thank you for the opportunity to sign up for your giveaway

  594. Strawberry, strawberry, strawberry! (Or whatever is left in stock!) Liked on Facebook too!

  595. I love the coconut and milk.

  596. I have already liked IHP on FB.

  597. I liked fruttare on Facebook.

  598. Coconut ~ milk or the Black Cherry one
    I would love if they had coconut and pineapple.. mmm

  599. I would like to try the strawberry but if not available I would try the pineapple

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  603. I like coconut and milk.

  604. Liked fruttare.

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  607. I Twitter fb

  608. I heart Fruttare

  609. I tweet Fruttare

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  613. Strawberry.

  614. I liked iheartpublix.

  615. I liked fruttare.

  616. I will stock up on the coconut and strawberry and milk.

  617. I liked IHP.

  618. Liked fruttare.

  619. I love to stock up on all the flavors because my family loves them all.

  620. I already like IHP.

  621. I already like fruttare on Facebook.com

  622. Just love the strawberry and milk fruttare.

  623. I liked IHP on face.

  624. I liked fruttare on face.

  625. My favorite is coconut and I will buy a lot with the sale and coupon.

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  627. Liked fruttare.

  628. Strawberry!

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  631. Coconut flavor.

  632. Checked out fruttare and liked them.

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  635. Liked fruttare!

  636. I am gonna grab strawberry and milk and lime”

  637. I liked IHP already .

  638. iked fruttare?

  639. Strawberry.

  640. I love to stock up on all the flavors because the are so yummy.

  641. I liked IHP already .

  642. I liked fruttare.

  643. I liked IHP on Facebook already.

  644. Black cherry and pineapple.

  645. Liked fruttare.

  646. Liked IHP.

  647. Liked fruttare.

  648. Black cherry.

  649. Liked IHP on Facebook.

  650. Liked fruttRe on Facebook.

  651. Pineapple, coconut and milk and strawberry and milk.

  652. Liked IHP already.

  653. Liked fruttare.

  654. Black cherry.

  655. Ed I heart publix on Facebook.

  656. Liked fruttare on Facebook.

  657. Lime.

  658. Already like IHP.

  659. Already like fruttare.

  660. Coconut.

  661. I liked IHP.

  662. Liked fruttare.

  663. Pineapple.

  664. I love the coconut and milk .

  665. Liked iheartpublix.

  666. Liked fruttare.

  667. Already liked IHP.

  668. Already liked fruttare.

  669. Many packs of black cherry.

  670. I liked IHP on Facebook.

  671. I liked fruttare.

  672. Coconut

  673. Love the black cherry and pineapple flavors.

  674. Liked IHP on Facebook.

  675. Liked fruttare on Facebook.

  676. Thanks, love them all.

  677. Liked iheartpublix.

  678. Liked fruttare.

  679. I like coconut milk and the strawberry milk the best and that is what I will be buying a lot of.

  680. I liked IHP on face.

  681. Liked fruttare on face.

  682. I love the pineapple.

  683. Liked IHP.

  684. Liked fruttare.

  685. Liked iheartpublix on FB.

  686. Liked fruttare on FB.

  687. I love the flavor of the strawberry milk fruttare.

  688. My family loves them all we just eat them all the time.

  689. Liked fruttare .

  690. Already like IHP.

  691. We love them all.

  692. Already like IHP.

  693. Liked fruttare.

  694. The coconut is my absolute favorite! I sent my husband to the store a few hours after our son was born because I was craving them. They are delicious!

  695. my favorite are mango

  696. All of them Coconut is my favorite

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