Look For Duncan Hines Perfect Size Cake Mixes At Publix

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Duncan Hines Perfect Size Chocolate Lovers CakeI wanted to give you guys a reminder to be on the lookout for the new Duncan Hines Perfect Size Cake mixes when you shop at Publix.

If you missed my post last week, these are new and a great way to whip up the perfect size cake. The great part is…you don’t even have to dirty up a pan. That’s right, the pan that the cake cooks in is included in the box! Inside the box you’ll find the cake mix, a 6 inch pan, and frosting mix. All you have to supply is one egg, a little water and some butter. You get a moist and easy to make cake plus a rich, creamy frosting. Finally we have an option that is perfect for any occasion…the new Duncan Hines Perfect Size Cakes!

Each cake serves 2 -4 people. I made the golden fudge cake for my guys last week and as you can see above I also whipped up the chocolate lovers version that I took to a friend. I decided to add a few strawberries to hers just to make it look pretty. The cake was just so easy, I felt like I had to do something extra-tee hee!

duncan hines perfect size cake

Be on the lookout for the new mixes when you shop at Publix. For now you’ll find these on special shippers near the baking aisle NOT on the shelf. That’s right, these products are so new that they are not even on the shelf yet! You should also find a $1 coupon on the shipper, so you can save a buck when you try the new Perfect Size Cakes.

Grab a couple then you can whip up a tasty desert any time you want one. You’ll have a delicious cake whether you want to celebrate a special occasion or just a want a sweet treat on a Monday night after dinner. These cakes offer you the convenience and the “Perfect Size” every time!

Visit DuncanHines.com for baking tips and recipes.

This post is brought to you buy Duncan Hines. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. I used to make cakes that had their own pans back in 1954. Don’t remember the brand. Interesting, brings memories of when we were first married.


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