frozen main imageHappy National Frozen Food month! Yep, every March all the great foods in the frozen aisle take the spotlight and we often see some really great promotions.

Why shouldn’t those frigid aisles of food get some attention every now and again? I mean there are so many wonderful options that most of us couldn’t live without. Think about the convenience that those frozen foods offer. I look to my freezer on a daily basis when I am preparing meals for my crew. Whether it’s waffles for breakfast, a quick and ready meal for myself at lunch or a healthy side dish as part of dinner, the freezer is a necessity. Heck, I love it so much that I have my regular freezer plus a huge upright freezer too!

The freezer aisle comprises thousands of delicious foods ranging from nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables to decadent ice creams and novelties. Besides the convenience factor, there’s the great taste and of course the value that you get when you shop the frozen aisle.

frozen3Head over to the Forkful page and check out the article 5 Surprising Facts About Frozen Meals. I think it will help you’ll realize why that frozen aisle deserves to be celebrated!

While you are taking advantage of those deals to stock your freezer, remember the Frozen Rewards Club will help you stock your freezer and earn a Publix gift card to boot. Might as well celebrate and save at the same time!

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