unilever deodorantOne of my favorite things about my sites is getting to learn about and try new products. Trying a new product is exciting especially when I find a new favorite! Well I definitely have a new favorite thing – deodorant!

Ok, I know that it may not be glamorous and exciting but I will tell you the truth…I am thrilled. I have been using the new Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant from Unilever for about 2 weeks now and I LOVE it – big time!

dove dry spray-clear-toneNow, I have tried spray antiperspirants before and hated them. They took forever to dry and I just couldn’t stand the sticky feeling that was left. Yuk…is there anything worse than sticky armpits? Gel deodorants were no better for me…they also left my underarms feeling gooey and sticky. So the only other alternative was stick deodorant. It kept me feeling dry but it left me with a miserable problem – major waxy residue and white streaks all over my clothes! My poor underarms have been in bad shape for years. You see, I would have to scrub my underarms in the shower before I could shave. Without scrubbing, my razor would get clogged with all that waxy residue and then make getting a clean shave impossible. I have done the same thing for years and just figured that was the price I had to pay  to stay dry.

Scrubbing then shaving mean that I pretty much always had bumps and irritation. It was a vicious cycle but I somehow thought it was just normal. Ummm…it’s not normal!! Since I started using the Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant my underarms are smooth and have absolutely no irritation. I have been using the Clear Tone Skin Renew version in an attempt to try to repair my skin. I haven’t seen any major changes in my skin coloring but I am going to give it some time. It’s only been two weeks since I started using it.

I also tried the Degree Dry Spray and it smells great. It has a stronger fragrance than the Dove that really does last all day. The bottles indicate that the dry sprays offer 48 hours of protection against odor and wetness. I’ll be honest, I have never gone that long. I apply every day and I haven’t had any issues with it lasting 24 hours.

So now I have smooth underarms with no irritation. No white marks all over my clothes and I stay dry and odor free all day…that pretty exciting in my world. Who knew that a small bottle could make me so happy?!

axe dry spray deodorantOf course I have been gushing to my husband and making him look at my underarms to see if he thinks the skin color is improving. He thinks I am crazy but is very interested as he recently said that it was too bad they don’t make them for men. AHA…I told him that there are several different types for men. Unilever has three options for the guys – Axe Dry Spray, Dove Men+Care Dry Spray and Degree Motionsense Dry Spray. I grabbed him the Axe last week. He’s only been using it for a few days so I will have to share his thoughts later. Now I am sure he will not be as excited as me but he’s a pretty straightforward guy so he’ll give me an honest opinion.

If any of you guys are looking to ditch your current deodorant, I highly suggest you check out the new Dry Spray versions. The Dove is definitely my favorite. I can’t believe how long I suffered with all that miserable irritation. It’s amazing the difference in just two weeks!

Want to see the new dry sprays in action? I thought about doing some before and after shots for you…but I just couldn’t bring myself to post pictures of my art pits–yikes! Instead, head over and check out THIS VIDEO. You’ll see   just how easy these new products are to use.

videoNo matter which you choose, I think you’ll be thrilled…no residue and no more white streaks on your clothes. Plus, all of them provide 48 hour odor and wetness protection.

The great news is that you can now find both the men and women’s varieties at Publix! Don’t let the small can fool you. It’s supposed to last up to 8 weeks! I can’t speak to that yet as I am only a couple of weeks in. I know when my bottle runs out I’ll definitely be grabbing another bottle. I’ll never go back to the solid!

Here are some high value coupons that you can use to grab your favorites. You can save $2 off any of the new products –

  • $2/1 Dove Women’s Dry Spray or Advanced Care Deodorant, exp. 2/22/15 (RP 01/25/15 #2) [Limit 2]
  • $2/1 Dove Men + Care Dry Spray Deodorant, exp. 2/22/15 (RP 01/25/15 #2) [Limit 2]
  • $2/1 Axe Dry Spray Deodorant, exp. 2/22/15 (RP 01/25/15 #2) [Limit 2]
  • $2/1 Degree Men’s Dry Spray Deodorant, exp. 2/22/15 (RP 01/25/15 #2) [Limit 2]
  • $2/1 Degree Women’s Dry Spray Antiperspirant, exp. 2/7/15 (RP 01/25/15 #2 R)

So how many of you guys have tried the new deodorant? What did you think…do you love it as much as I do?

This post is brought to you by the folks at Unilever.