Smoked Bacon Mac & CheeseHave you guys had a chance to try the new Jimmy Dean entrees and sandwiches yet? Jimmy Dean is expanding beyond breakfast with the introduction of new lunch and dinner offerings that deliver delicious, slow-cooked taste in just minutes from the microwave – perfect for lunch, dinner and even snack time.

These new flavor-packed sandwiches and bowls provide an excellent source of protein and taste great. We have tried most of the available varieties, and we really enjoyed them all. Each of my guys have their favorite varieties,  and naturally they all like something different. Since there are sixteen great-tasting varieties, they can each choose a couple of favorites! Check out the options –

  • Grilled Steak Bowl
  • Smoked Bacon Mac & Cheese
  • Pulled Pork Bowl
  • Golden Roasted Chicken Bowl
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich
  • Smoked Sausage Sandwich
  • BBQ Beef Sandwich
  • Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich

There’s something for everyone…including those of us who are trying to watch our waistline. The Delights by Jimmy Dean line is available in eight varieties that are 300 calories or less. There are four flavor-packed entree bowls and four savory sandwich offerings (each containing two snack-size sandwiches).

I love the sandwiches as I can heat them and run out the door with them. Being crazy busy means that sometimes I have to do lunch on the go. Having these sandwiches means I get a better-for-me option AND I am not famished while running my errands. Perfect thing to keep me away from those expensive (and unhealthy) drive thru windows!

delights-hickory-smoked-turkey-with-applewood-smoked-bacon-sharp-cheddar-cheese-on-a-honey-wheat-bun-1152x380Check out all the delicious Delights options (all under 300 calories!) –

  • Delights Smoked Ham & Cheddar Sandwich
  • Delights Pulled Chipotle Pork Sandwich
  • Delights Pulled Chicken Sandwich
  • Delights Smoked Turkey Bacon Sandwich
  • Delights Golden Roasted Turkey Bowl
  • Delights Three Cheese Pasta
  • Delights Southwest Style Grilled Chicken
  • Delights Hickory Smoked Ham Bowl

The new bowls and sandwiches provide busy families with a high-quality meal that’s filled with delicious flavors like pulled pork in a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce, smoked bacon mac & cheese, three cheese pasta, smoked ham on a pretzel bun, and more. I think you’ll have a hard time choosing a favorite too!

Grab them when you shop at Publix so you’ll be ready the next time you need a quick and easy meal or snack!

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