Eggplant Mini Tacos

My boys are at the age where they are so picky! What happened to my sweet little babies who would happily eat all those delicious mashed veggies and clean their plate without any complaints?

Many years ago I started requiring that my boys must at least try everything on their plate. For those non-preferred items, they are to eat a bite to match their age. Jake is almost 9 and Jeb is 7 so that’s now a lot of bites. I am not trying to be the mean momma, but if I left it up to them, they would likely stick with about 5 foods each. They are still growing boys and need a variety of foods that include lots of fruits and veggies.

Rather than the typical dinner time drama, I opt for ways to make my life easier. I have the boys help me with meals. They are very proud of their cooking accomplishments and are more likely to eat foods that they have helped prep and/or cook. They are now masters at peeling carrots, pulling off broccoli florets and oiling kale. Guess what…they’ll gobble those veggies at dinnertime since they were the ones that “cooked” that part of dinner.

I also do fun foodscapes for meals whenever I can. After all, they are still little and if making their food look more fun means they eat it, I will happily put in the effort.

Another great way to get my boys to eat their veggies is by recreating some family favorites with a twist. You guys know we are huge fans of all the Dominex products. They make the most amazing foods from eggplants! I have told you guys before how much we love their Veggie Fries and Angel Parm Bites and also the most amazing Eggplant Cutlets. These cutlets make some delicious Eggplant Mini Tacos! My boys love them and I smile knowing that I am getting those veggies in.

Dominex-eggplantAll you have to do is bake the Eggplant Cutlets according to directions, then score in the middle so that you can easily fold them into a taco shell shape. Then it’s just a matter of filling up the ‘taco shell’ with my boys’ favorite fillings. Sometimes I do chicken and other times I use ground beef…there’s no wrong way to stuff them. Plus, they are the perfect size for their small hands.

What’s great is that my husband loves these too. If you don’t have kids or want a more sophisticated meal, the options are endless. You can use portobello mushrooms, goat cheese, avocado, spinach, fruit salsas, barbequed meat, red cabbage or whatever you love. The Eggplant cutlets are the perfect vessel for a delicious meal that’s packed with the good stuff…with a nice healthy dose of fun!

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Grab your coupon and give this recipe a try. Of course the Eggplant Cutlets are phenomenal for a quick and easy Eggplant Parm that comes together with almost no effort. I think you’ll be pleased with any of the products. We love them all here at my house!

This post is brought to you by the folks at Dominex.