You know I used to be shocked by my husband’s excitement level when he got a new variety of coffee to try. After 10 years of marriage I now giggle at his immense joy! I kid him that his love of coffee is equivalent to my love of purses…we both squeal with joy when we get a shiny new bag- tee hee.

Usually my husband gets to try cool coffees thanks to his brother, John. John is a bit of a world traveler – both for work and for pleasure. The perk to his travels is that I usually get a cool Christmas ornament and my husband gets a bag of local coffee. We love getting John’s gifts as they offer a little piece of far away places that we may never otherwise get to see.

John’s wife is about to have their second child and so they haven’t been traveling quite as much – so Jim has been missing his gifts of unique coffees from around the world. Well, he got lucky as a few weeks ago, the folks at Starbucks sent him some of their new Single Origin Coffees.  Let me just tell you, my 40 something year old husband acted like a kid on Christmas morning. He unpacked the coffee and began reading the bags…I assume to learn about them so that he could determine which one he wanted to try first. Once he had studied the coffees, he set them up in a little display beside his coffee maker in preparation for the morning.

The new Starbucks® Single Origin Coffees offer an exceptional taste that coffee lovers will really appreciate. Each type of coffee has a flavor that is unique because of the soil, climate and elevation particular to where it’s cultivated.  There are three types that you can pick up at Publix –

  • GUATEMALA LAGUNA DE AYARZA – A full-bodied, complex coffee balanced with flavor notes of crisp citrus.
  • RWANDA RIFT VALLEY – A medium bodied coffee with flavor notes of spicy dark chocolate, a hint of citrus and floral aromas.
  • TIMOR MOUNT RAMELAU – A smooth, spicy coffee with a roasty-sweet finish.

I asked Jim to give me some feedback on the coffee so I could share his review. He said that his favorite is the Rwanda Rift Valley, followed by the Guatemala Laguna de Ayarza. He tends to like those medium to bold coffees so I wasn’t surprised by his picks.

I can tell you that they all smell very rich. While I don’t drink coffee, I love the smell of brewing coffee and get to experience it every single day. I can usually tell when my husband is trying a new flavor as the aroma fills my kitchen.

image003Right now you can experience the exceptional taste of the new Starbucks® Single Origin Coffees at a very nice discount thanks to the coupons that are available. You can grab a printable coupon or load a Publix Digital Coupon and save $2 off the bag or the K-Cup® Pack:

Don’t forget that the holidays are right around the corner. These are definitely gift-worthy coffees. Grab your coupons and pick up a couple of bags when you shop at Publix. The trick will be…can you resist temptation and give it as a gift? Or will you keep it for yourself?

This post is brought to you by the folks at Starbucks. All comments and opinions are my own.