SBX20140122_18819.tifYou guys know that my husband is a HUGE coffee fan. He actually has his own section in the kitchen that we lovingly call “the coffee bar.” It holds all of his various coffee supplies. Seriously, he has 4 cabinets devoted to all things coffee! I have been given specific instructions on what to look for in the sales ads each week to make sure he is fully stocked. He drinks his coffee with 2 creams and one sugar and has to have his supplies on hand without fail.

One of the quickest ways to get my husband to smile is to tell him that there is a new coffee in the house. The folks at Starbucks recently sent me some of their Blonde Roast coffees. My husband was like a kid with a new toy when he got his hands on those bags of coffee. He immediately began reading the bags to learn more about each coffee so he could determine which he would be brewing that next morning.

Now, for you guys who are like me and not as familiar with the different roasts and coffees – here’s a little breakdown for you. Starbucks® Blonde Roast was developed in response to customer demand for a milder coffee option, and features subtle and approachable flavors. Starbucks® has three different blends in their Blonde Roast coffees-

    Mellow & Soft – Subtle, with delicate nuances of soft cocoa and lightly toasted nut.
    Mild & Nutty – As mild and welcoming as a gentle sunrise.
    Crisp & Citrus –Bright, complex and full-flavored with a crisp finish.

starbucks-cookieMy husband said his favorite is the Veranda Blend®. I could definitely tell since the bag that is in the picture above is almost completely empty. I was a little shocked since he just got those coffees. I really don’t think I want to know exactly how much coffee he goes through in a week – tee hee.

What I didn’t realize is that each type of coffee pairs better with different foods. For example the Veranda Blend® pairs great with chocolate chip cookies and a pecan roll while the Aria Blend™ goes great with Lemon Cake or a Lemon Bar. My husband then pointed out that many coffee shops also have a bakery or offer baked goods with their coffees.

Now you don’t have to go to a coffee shop to get your coffee and baked goods, you can just head into Publix. Did you guys notice the coupon in the new Advantage Buy flyer? Now through 4/11, you can use the Publix coupon to save $2.00 off any Publix Bakery item when you buy any (1) Starbucks® packaged coffee (12 oz. or larger) or any (1) Starbucks® K-Cup® Pack (10 ct.).
publix-starbucksSo whether you like to enjoy your coffee with a muffin, cookie, bagel, bear claw, danish or any other baked good – you can save big when you grab your items at Publix. Grab your favorite Starbucks® blend and a bakery item and get great savings.

*Formerly known as Starbucks Willow Blend®. This post brought to you by the folks at Starbucks.