I have had so much going on this week…I am sure most of you are crazy hectic too!

I thought I would share one of my fun activities today and fill you guys in a bit since I am getting a whole bunch of curious emails 😀  As many of you noticed, the sneak peek was not posted on Monday.  The current ad runs through Christmas Eve and the new ad was not available.  I hope to have the ad soon…I promise I will have it posted as soon as I can!

You may have noticed a secret post.  I have been working on a surprise that is many, many months in the making.  The secret post was done by my tech guy so we could do a little testing.  I have my fingers and toes crossed that I will be able to share it with you all this week.

So between all of the testing, shopping, cleaning, blogging and the other million things I did today- I made one of our favorite treats that I make each year: Chocolate & Caramel Pretzels.  I figured since Amanda wasn’t able to give us a Tide You Over Tuesday recipe…I would share one of mine.

This is a super simple recipe.  You need the following:

Pretzel Rods
Caramel Squares
Almond Bark (any color or flavor)
Any chopped nut

I find it easiest to wrap the pretzels with caramel first. I usually work with 6 at a time. Unwrap the caramel, place them on a plate and pop a few in the microwave for about 15 – 17 seconds.  You want the caramel to still be a little stiff as you will be rolling them into long “snake-like” forms.  If you leave them in there too long they will be sticky and impossible to roll!

Once you have your “snake” just start at the top of the pretzel and wrap it around.  The caramel will be sticky enough to attach to the pretzel.  Repeat until all your pretzels are wrapped.

Melt your Almond Bark –just follow the directions on the package.  Cover the caramel wrapped pretzel in chocolate. Shake off any excess chocolate and then roll in the chopped nuts. Place the pretzel on wax paper or parchment paper until the chocolate has hardened.

That’s it…enjoy! Tomorrow I will be making my husband’s favorite treat…Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Filled Ritz