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Grandma’s Potato SaladI consider myself a pretty good cook and whip up some pretty tasty meals each week. Naturally I can’t make everyone’s favorite foods every single day. I tell my boys that if I made their favorite things all the time, they’d quickly get bored of those foods.

Luckily my husband is very easy going and will happily eat anything that is served up. He will even choke down my less than perfect recipes with a smile and then thank me for making dinner. I figure someone like that deserves a treat every now and again.

For me, a treat would be something sweet and decadent…chocolate is what I crave. For my husband, his idea of the perfect food is a big bowl of potato salad.

Unfortunately for him, he’s the only one in this house that will touch the stuff so it’s not on the menu too often. BUT…I think this actually makes him very happy!  You see, he knows that when I do make a big batch of potato salad, he gets the whole thing and doesn’t have to share it with anyone! With two boys with very big appetites, it’s very rare to get something all to yourself in this house.

As you can see by the picture above, I made my husband’s day just a little brighter. Yep, he got his own big batch of Grandma’s Reinvented Potato Salad. I honestly think he skipped to the table in excitement when I called him to dinner.

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Be sure to take advantage of the BOGO sale though 4/6. Grab a jar and a few ingredients and you can make the potato salad lover in your house giddy with excitement too!