Shopping List Help

If you need help with the new shopping list just read over the following instructions and take a peek at the instructional video below. Hopefully these will help you in creating your grocery list so you can save a bundle of moolah.

If you have additional questions or have any problems with the shopping list please email me at If you have issues, it would be great if you can share the following in your email: please list the specific issue - giving as many details as possible, provide your operating system and browser you are using. If possible, a screen shot of the issue would be extremely helpful. A couple of folks have had issues with the coupons not populating on the shopping list. We made some modifications the first weekend it was live. A quick and simple fix is to clear your browser cache and delete your temp internet files on your current browser. This will resolve the issue.

To get started just pull up an ad or list. The list will be available on the following categories here on I Heart Publix:

  • Publix Ad
  • Super Deals
  • Publix Yellow Advantantage Buy Flyers & Super Deals
  • Publix Green Advantage Buy Flyers & Super Deals
  • Happy Report

**Please note that this may not be available on all ads until the week of 8/22. 

Once you bring up the ad you will notice new buttons at the top and bottom of the ad that include:

  • Add To New List - creates new list
  • Add To Saved List - adds item to an existing list
  • Check All - selects all items available on the list
  • Uncheck All - removes all items available on the list

To create your list, simply check the boxes beside the items you would like to purchase. Once you have the items you wish to purchase you then click the button to add to a new list or add to a saved list. Once you have added to your list, the shopping list will appear with all of the items you selected from the ad.

The first time you use the shopping list, you will need to set your options. Click the appropriate buttons for your region:

  • Half Price BOGO - select this box if your store offers the BOGO sale items at half price
  • True BOGO - select this if you must purchase two items to get the discount (Florida folks & Coastal areas)
  • Double Coupons - select this box if coupons are doubled in your area

If you are unsure of the policy at your store, just call or ask at the customer service desk when you shop.

Now you can work on your list. Simply modify the quantity and any coupons that you plan to use at the store. You can also modify the price, title of the item and everything within the grey box. You do not have to worry about the item cost or total cost as those are automatically calculated for you

You can also choose to delete a coupon or an entire item from the list. Add any additional items that you plan on purchasing plus any corresponding coupons.

You can click the link icon to print any available coupons without having to go back to the ad list.

Once you are satisfied with your list you can print or click SAVE to work on later.


You can always save your work and return to any of the ads with the shopping list feature to select more items.

Keep in mind when you return to the ad page, you will need to add the additional items by selecting "Add To Saved List" from the ad page if you want to add item to an existing list. If you create a new list by selecting "add to new list" all other saved lists will be overwritten.

At any time you can go to the tab at the top of the site to access your shopping list.

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