Weekly Totals 7/18 – Share Your Savings

July 18, 2014 

snake july Weekly Totals 7/18   Share Your SavingsHappy Friday everyone!

It’s a rainy day here in Chattanooga. We haven’t had much rain lately but I am kinda bummed that the rain decided to come this weekend. I was hoping to spend a little time by the pool this weekend and relax a bit. I am loving the temperature outside though. I think when I was coming home this afternoon the temp was 70 degrees…AWESOME!

As you can see by my picture above…we had a visitor this week. I walked out into my garage and was startled by a HUGE snake just sitting by my car! It took my husband and I almost 45 minutes to coax him back out into the yard. He was huge–we estimate around 6 1/2 feet. Based on what I found online, we think that it was a grey rat snake! As you can imagine, I have been very diligent about making sure the garage door is CLOSED now icon wink Weekly Totals 7/18   Share Your Savings

As far as shopping, I have done several small trips this week. I wasn’t very organized and stopped couple of times while I was out and about. My dad also stopped by this week and came with several huge bags of produce from his garden so I will be working on cooking up all those yummy things over the next few days. I had to pick up one of my husband’s medications this afternoon and he requested grilled fish for dinner. The gentleman at the seafood counter suggested I try Baramundi…so that’s what I got. Here’s hoping it turns out as it wasn’t cheap! If I had been prepared, I could have shopped my list and got another gas card. I didn’t realize I’d be over a quarter of the way there with just that fish – oh well…

Here’s what I grabbed at Publix over this last week –

Zucchini – $2.33
Shrooms – $1.79
Onions – $3.29
Bananas – $1.81
Asparagus – $1.78
Cherries – $3.44
Avocado – $1.66
Watermelon – $1.91
Lettuce – $1.99
Capri Sun x 4 = $2.91
Publix Ice Cream = $3.50
Milk – $4.09
Cabot Cheese x 2 = $ ($1/2 IP)
Pillsbury Melts – $1.50 ($1/1 IP)
Publix Lunch Meat – $4.99
Quaker Bars x 2 – $2.79
Cheetos – $3.49
Publix Cheese Snacks – $3.19
King’s Hawaiian Bread – $3.19
Baramundi Fish – $15.59

How did you guys do this week? Share your weekly totals in the comments below or link up.

Weekly Totals 7/11 – Share Your Savings

July 11, 2014 

 Weekly Totals 7/11   Share Your SavingsHappy Friday everyone. I have been a busy bee today. We finally decided it was time to clean out the garage. I have been doing a box here and there but that garage has been a HUGE disaster since we moved. Today I made a huge dent in the mess and am happy to say that most of the boxes are empty!I have 5 big boxes headed to the donation center and   if I could just find someone to take all the trash, I’d be set icon wink Weekly Totals 7/11   Share Your Savings

It’s crazy to think that we have been here almost a year now. We love it here more than I can tell you – we are all so happy. I was nervous about the move but now I am thankful that we made the decision to go. It was the best decision we could have made.

At some point I will get around to sharing some pictures of the house. There are still many things (like the garage) that are a work in progress –but we have come a LONG way over the past few months.

Now as for shopping this week…we didn’t. As I mentioned in last weeks totals, I blew my budget big time (think 4x what I normally spend). We had a fantastic party that ended up starting on Friday and ending on Saturday night. We had plenty of food for the 4th and then all my friends showed up with tons of food on Saturday. So, this week we ate some leftovers and worked from the pantry. To get rid of extra buns, we did grilled chicken sandwiches two different days!

We had plenty of extra fruit and so this week we just did not need to shop at all. Now, the gas card deal is this weekend and you guys know I have a hard time turning down $10 in FREE moolah…so I am probably going to stop by this weekend and at least do one deal. I may look to see what we need then go from there.

So how about you guys share your totals and if I have time, I’ll update with my gas card trip over the weekend. Share your weekly totals below in the comments or link up!

Weekly Totals 7/4 – Happy 4th Of July!

July 4, 2014 

happy4th Weekly Totals 7/4   Happy 4th Of July!Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful day today.

It’s most likely that I am currently outside enjoying the day with a bunch of friends out in the pool. But… I thought I would schedule a post for you guys to share your totals if you wanted.

For the record I am way over budget this week as we decided to have a party today. While the majority of the money for everything comes from my entertainment budget…I blew it AND the grocery budget for the week. I am not exactly sure the final damage but I know I am over. I am not going to worry about it today though. It’s time to relax and celebrate!

I hope you all have a fun and safe holiday!

If you want to share your weekly totals leave them in the comments below or link up!

Weekly Totals 6/27 – Share Your Savings

June 27, 2014 

boys karate Weekly Totals 6/27   Share Your SavingsHappy Friday everyone!

I hope you all had a great week. I spent the beginning of the week getting back into the swing of things. We got back from our trip very late Sunday night so I was moving extra slow on Monday morning. I started the laundry and my husband was kind enough to go to the grocery store for me. I made a little list for him and gave him a $50 gift card that I got from a promotion.

I really just needed milk and fruit to get me through a few days as I have plans to shop tomorrow so I can take advantage of the gas card coupon. He’s usually pretty good about sticking to the list but I guess he couldn’t pass up the Nabisco variety packs as they have his favorite Nutter Butter cookies. He is so funny as he was so proud to point out that he got a great deal because they were BOGO. He also added in some coffee creamer and didn’t do such a good job with it. Apparently he just grabbed his favorite and didn’t notice if any of the others were on sale. He was also in charge of picking the Try Me Tuesday for the week. I suggested that he get yogurt and he came home with chips…I wasn’t shocked in the least bit–tee hee!

It was a pretty expensive trip as he spent over $40 of the gift card. I am not going to cry about it since it doesn’t impact my grocery budget AND I didn’t have to shop – win/win!

Buns, $1.89
Publix Chips, $3.29
Lay’s chips $4.29
Nabisco Snack Packs x 2 = $6.49
Ronzoni Orzo, 75¢
Milk, $4.05
Bailey’s Creamer, $3.99
Go-gurt x 2 = $2.55
Lemons, $1.33
Basil, $1.99
Watermelon = $3.30
Bananas = $1.89

How did you guys do this week? Share your weekly totals in the comments below or link up!

Weekly Totals 6/20 – Share Your Savings

June 20, 2014 

591c72d1e166f85d4c5ade7843f166da Weekly Totals 6/20   Share Your SavingsHappy Friday everyone!

I mentioned earlier this week that we are away this week visiting relatives and spending some time at the beach. So I have no totals to share as I haven’t shopped. There are a couple of perks to getting away…no shopping and I get a break from the kitchen too! Although I sure do wish I could take my bed with me when we travel icon wink Weekly Totals 6/20   Share Your Savings

I’ll deal with shopping once we get back home but…I was smart and washed all the clothes and cleaned the house before we left. So I will come home to a clean house and then just dump our suitcases out and start knocking out laundry again.

Keep your fingers crossed that Chattanooga gets a little rain so I don’t go home to dead flowers and grass! It’s crazy hot already and it’s only June! I think we are in for a long, HOT summer!

I hope you all had a great week. Share your weekly totals in the comments below or link up!

Weekly Totals 6/13 – Share Your Savings

June 13, 2014 

 Weekly Totals 6/13   Share Your SavingsHappy Friday the 13th!

It’s been an dreary week here in Chattanooga. While my grass and plants needed the rain, there is nothing like all day thunderstorms and two boys with cabin fever who NEED to get outside and play . Maybe we’ll have better weather this weekend…I am almost afraid to look at the forecast!

Well I don’t really have any totals to share yet. I am hoping to go shopping tonight but if I can’t make it then I will adjust and go tomorrow. There are a few things that I will miss from the Advantage Buy flyer but we may take the boys to see a movie tonight. If so, then I will deal with shopping tomorrow.

We have done theaters and IMAX in downtown Chattanooga but this will be our first outing to the local theater. There are several movies out that the boys want to see so now, we just have to narrow it down. I heard that Maleficent was good but my little boogers are wanting to see Godzilla or How To Train Your Dragon 2. I have a feeling that I will have to wait for Maleficent to come out on DVD. I thought that I might be able to slip that one by them but they are insisting that “it’s for girls.” Silly little boys!

You can see part of my planned shopping list HERE. I am really hoping that my waiting will not mean that I find the sunscreen shelves bare. So far I have a big enough list to grab 2 gas cards. I am pretty good about modifying my list in a pinch but here’s hoping that I can grab everything that I need.

So, if you guys have already shopped – share your weekly totals in the comments below. You can also link up if you’d prefer.

Weekly Totals 6/6 – Share Your Savings

June 6, 2014 

Unknown1 Weekly Totals 6/6   Share Your SavingsHappy Friday everyone! I hope you all have had a great week.

It was a pretty standard week at my house. I did have to run my little one to the doc as I suspected an ear infection. I was correct and picked up the $3 prescription at Publix icon smile Weekly Totals 6/6   Share Your Savings My boys are almost never sick so it was a rare visit. This means each boy has had two antibiotics ever. I really can’t complain at all.

My parents are coming for a visit this weekend so the boys will have lots of attention from grandma and pappaw. My plan is a relaxed weekend at home. We will cook out and may even do a low country boil - my mom loves it.

I did three trips this week so I just combined everything into one list. I spent a fair amount of money but got a ton of groceries

Palermos Pizza $2.39 ($1/1 IP)
Tyson Day Starts – $4.99
Old El Paso Meals x 4 = $0 (free prod coupons)
Magnum x 2 = $2.50 (two $0.75/1 IP)
Green Giant Veggies = 44¢ (two $0.75/1 IP)
Oscar Mayer Ham – $2.65
Quaker Bars x 4 = $1.60 (4 $1/1 insert)
Old El Paso Beans x 3 = $3.17 ($1 PQ + $0.60/3 IP)
Old El Paso Taco Sauce x 3 = $2.12 (three $0.75/1 IP = $1 PQ)
Dominex Cutlets = $0 (free product q)
Fritos – $3.39
Bread – $1.39
Crisco Sticks x 4 – $3 (clearance)
Mrs Butterworth x 2 = $5
Mission Tortillas – $2.50
Brach’s Lemon Drops x4 = 76¢ (4 $1.50/1 insert)
Hunt’s Pudding x 4 = $2.24 ($1/4 PQ + $0.75/3 IP)
Kraft Cheese x 4 = $6.58 (two $1/2 IP)
Sargento Tasting Cheese x 4 = $6 (two $1/2 IP)
Danimals – $4.99
Milk – $4.05
Grands x 2 – 34¢ (two $0.50/1 insert)
Finish Power & Free x 2 = $3 (two $2/1 IP)
Banana Boat $6.99 – $2.99 (PQ & IP)
OJ x $2.59
Simply Limeade = $1.75 ($0.75/1 IP)
Sabra Hummus – $0 (free prod q)
Mushrooms = $1.50
Limes x 3 = $1.99
Zucchini- $1.94
Watermelon – $3.37
Bananas – $1.52
Grape Tomatoes = $1.50
Broccoli – $1.06
Tomatoes – $1.79
Lettuce – $1.99
Wholly Guac – $0 (free product Q)

I spent right under $100 -which is double my normal spent. I have plenty of stuff to hold us for a while. I even got some “treats” that everyone will be very happy about.

How did you guys do this week? Share your weekly totals below or link up.

Weekly Totals 5/30 – Share Your Savings

May 30, 2014 

happy friday Weekly Totals 5/30   Share Your SavingsHappy Friday everyone!

I hope you all had a great week! We had a fun Memorial Day party here at the house on Monday. We are starting to really settle in here in Chattanooga and enjoying hanging out with new friends. It took me a couple of days to get back into the swing of things as the holiday threw me off schedule a bit. The boys are enjoying summer break. They have had friends over to play and spend the night.

Totals are a bit late today as I just got back from a little day of beauty. I got my hair colored and even took a few minutes for a mani/pedi. It’s a great way to start off the season with freshly painted nails. I went with pink and blue which is way out of my norm but I just wanted something different and fun.

I also just popped by Publix for a quick trip. I’ll need to go again over the weekend but my boys are out of milk and fruit and I needed eggs for some brownies. So a quick pop in to the store was a must! I also went last weekend for party supplies but that comes out of the entertainment budget. I haven’t decided if I want to break the receipt down and pull out the weekly things I bought or just make my life easier and push it all into the entertainment category. I think I will look at the totals for the month and make the decision then icon wink Weekly Totals 5/30   Share Your Savings

Here’s what I got today -

Lemon 67¢
Strawberries – $3
Bananas – $1.46
Grape Tomatoes – $1.50
Milk – $4.19
Baguette – $2.09
Eggs – $2.85
Magnum Bars – $1.99

I was under $20 for that quick trip…not a great total but it was all necessary (yes–those Magnum bars were very necessary–tee hee!)

How did you guys do this week? Share your weekly totals in the comments below or link up!

Weekly Totals 5/23 – Share Your Savings!

May 23, 2014 

boys pool Weekly Totals 5/23   Share Your Savings!

Happy Friday everyone!!

Well the big news at my house this week is that school has ended for the summer! Today was the first day of summer vacation and boy it’s been a long one! By lunchtime I was already counting the days until they go back. OK…I am kidding (a little–tee hee). Our pool was also officially opened today. It’s still quite cold but as you can see above…the boys didn’t care at all.

I do love my boys dearly but they tend to take up a lot of my time when they are home. I have a schedule of things that I like to get done every day. With them home, that schedule is out the window. I am trying hard to find things for them to stay occupied as much as possible. I think that will help all of us maintain our sanity for the next couple of months. My guess is that some of the things I normally try to do will not get done…who needs clean laundry anyway!

We are headed to our first Lookouts game tonight as the start of our Memorial Day fun. Jake decided he wanted to have a party so he has a bunch of friends who will come over for fun in the pool and a cookout on Monday. Did I tell you guys that I bought myself a margarita machine? I found a great deal and used an Amazon gift card to give myself a little present and I might do a test run this long holiday weekend icon wink Weekly Totals 5/23   Share Your Savings!

This week’s trip is not pretty but I got a bunch of stuff that I needed. I have been picking up a couple of tubs of Ovaltine over the last few weeks and I am hoping that we are now stocked up until another coupon/deal comes along. I also went ahead and grabbed my sunscreen to take advantage of the ibotta deal. With Jeb’s sun poisoning issue a few weeks ago I have been using it more often so I wanted to make sure I have enough to last us a while.

I also needed to restock my sausage/laughing cow combo that I eat quite often for breakfast.

Pure Via Box- 49¢ (two $1/1 IP)
Pure Via Liquid – $0
Kikkoman x 2 = $2.24 ($0.55/1 IP)
Ovaltine x 2 = $9.18 (two $1/1 PQ)
Cheez-its – $4.09
Goya Coconut Milk – $2.38 ($1/2 IP)
Daisy Sour Cream x 2 = $1.50
Laughing Cow x 4 = $8
Publix Whipped Cream – $2
Reddi Wip – $1.69 ($1/1 IP)
Milk $4.19
Orange Juice x 2 = $7
Sugardale Bacon – $5.89
Grapes = $3.29
Lime = 79¢
Banana – $1.45
Bell Pepper = $1.69
Onions $1.39
Watermelon – $3.06
Potatoes =- $2.12
Tomatoes = $4 (will earn cash back from Checkout51)
SeaPak x 2 = $6.49 (two $0.75/1 IP)
Jimmy Dean Sausage – $4.49 ($1 Pub DQ)
Banana Boat Sunscreen = $11.97 ($2 insert …+ submit for $9.75 from ibotta!)

I spent a little over $100 this week–yikes! But I am stocked up and we had everything we needed for the week. My next trip, I will get my bagel thins and breakfast is under control for a while.

How did you guys do this week? Leave a comment or link to your weekly totals.

Weekly Totals 5/16 – Share Your Savings

May 16, 2014 

jake aquarium Weekly Totals 5/16   Share Your SavingsHappy Friday everyone! I hope you have all had a great week!

Once again I just didn’t have enough time in the week to get everything done. I try to get my totals typed up Thursday night or Friday morning but I just ran out of time.

My husband went back to our house in Atlanta to finish off some things. So I have been solo with the boys yesterday and today. And…no, we still have not put that darn thing on the market yet! Let’s just say that small leak we had really turned into a nightmare. It’s almost impossible trying to get repairs scheduled from 2.5 hours away. It seems that people don’t care about other people’s schedules so much. It’s bad enough when contractors don’t show up for an appointment, but it’s even worse when you drive 2.5 hours to meet them and they don’t show up!! Now multiply that times 5 and you get the idea. It’s a really long story that makes me quite grumpy when I think about it.

Today was my oldest son’s field trip to the Tennessee Aquarium. I left this morning for carpool and will only be back home to stop in for a few minutes to get the boys fed and then get Jake dressed for baseball.

At the moment I am sitting in the IMAX lobby while the kids watch the show. There are so many groups visiting today that they sold out of tickets and I wasn’t able to join them. I have to admit – I am enjoying the break. All you teachers out there…if no one has told you lately—You all are incredible! I was given three boys to watch – just three and one was my kiddo, Jake. I had the hardest time keeping up with just those 3 kids! The crazy chaos, loudness and insanity is a little bit more than I am used to. I really don’t see how teachers deal with those large groups of children every single day.

Right now, I am going to go spend way too much money for a bottle of water then sit back and relax for these last couple of minutes before the kids come back. I don’t have my receipts to share. Baseball will have us home late and then I will work on getting the boys in bed. After that I will probably fall exhausted on the couch. I am taking this week off from posting totals but will check back in later to see how you guys did.

So….let me know how you guys did this week. Share your weekly totals in the comments below or link up!

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