Eggo Winners Announced – All 62 Of Them!

July 9, 2014 

winners eggo Eggo Winners Announced   All 62 Of Them!Drumroll please…

I have a bunch of winners to announce in my Eggo giveaway. There are 62 big winners – two of which are getting a year supply of Eggo products!

I loved how pumped you guys were about this giveaway. I had a great time reading your comments and seeing all your favorite varieties.  We are also huge fans of Eggo at my house so I am just as excited for all you guys who won. I’m not sure we could pick a favorite. Guess that means I need to stock up and try out a bunch of different varieties.

Hey – Leggo My Eggo icon wink Eggo Winners Announced   All 62 Of Them!

Winners – Year supply of Eggo (awarded as 27 FREE product coupons)

  • kay (abdulieu@)
  • Anita Quinn (cpns2324@)

Winners – 2 FREE Eggo coupons

  • Blessie Nelson (blessienelson@)
  • Jessica (jotranscriptions@)
  • monica (ptchic99@)
  • Stephanie Gillespie (s.gillespie812@)
  • Christy (cmds228@)
  • Monica (monicae100@)
  • Teresa C. (tdcurrey@)
  • Joyce Beardslee (joyceannb41@)
  • Cindy (Cindylou76@)
  • Ruth (realcoolnana@)

Winners – $10 Publix gift card

  • Rebeca (becajoy24@)
  • Lianna Brewer (linana514@)
  • Kathy Snyder (Snyder@)
  • Ruth Ann Anthony (sweetann76@)
  • Brandy (brandy.marder@)
  • Brandy Williams (colecwilliams@)
  • Christo (christo34114@)
  • Gigil (virginial@)
  • Caleigh E (ceeveringham@)
  • Eliza (rbcurrey@)
  • Amber (thelilbritches@)
  • ali (alibooie@)
  • swissmiss (lmaahs@)
  • Vickie (floridagld@)
  • Bethany (Betsanders@)
  • Laurie (laurie_faraone@)
  • kara pierson (karapierson0324@)
  • Donna (Donnastreetmansingh@)
  • GINA K (glk2312@)
  • Cam (camc555@)
  • Greg Koehn (gregk671@)
  • Donna Shah (tomshah714@)
  • Brigitte (brigi2te@)
  • Masa (Masas@)
  • Joan Marie (joanmarieweiss@)
  • AndreaJ (andreajohnston1401@)
  • Melissa B. (MSBTNPsych@)
  • Stephanie G (sgandee@)
  • vickie kamerik (tuzwoo@)
  • CDebbie B. (savemelotsofmoney@)
  • Brittany (blok0924@)
  • Tracy (havingfun@)
  • Frances Miller (millerfranv@)
  • Rebekah (beks@)
  • Jesse (jesse@)
  • Robin (sarasotacouponing@)
  • Virginia (lambeggers@)
  • Verna (vhudson8@)
  • Abby Wooten (Abbywooten228@)
  • Julie Tobin (lovetobin@)
  • Stacy (stacy@)
  • Geri (g_m_moore2003@)
  • Heather (HTWebb@)
  • Deborah (deb@)
  • Dana (dhaigler@)
  • Ashley Tapia (sergioyashley@)
  • Mary D (mdav448@)
  • John (johnntr@)
  • Jrnna (mziniguez@)
  • naededo (naededo@)

I will be emailing the winners but please feel free to shoot over your info (name, mailing address, phone number) to me at contactiheartpublix @ (remove spaces). You will need to send from the email address which you commented with so I can make sure the right people get the right prize.

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13 Responses to “Eggo Winners Announced – All 62 Of Them!”
  1. Adrianne says:

    I never win :(

  2. Bridgette says:

    Congratulations to all the winners!! :)

  3. Jen says:

    Congrats, winners :)

  4. Jayline says:

    I’m happy for those who won.. It jus always seems like I never win these things.. Wanting to so bad.. I guess it wasn’t my turn… I hope all who won enjoy..

  5. Laurel says:

    Congrats :) to all the winners.

  6. Nadya says:

    Congrats all! :)

  7. Kris says:

    Congratulations everyone!! Enjoy!!

  8. Kristian W says:

    Congratulations everyone!

  9. Madison Gray says:

    I feel the same Jayline… I never win… !!

  10. Shilah says:

    Congrats to all but wanted to say to my good friend Heather Webb….congrats honey bun!

  11. Rhonda says:

    Congratulations to all the winners. I didn’t win this time, but my mom and myself have won numerous times with Michelle’s giveaways. Keep trying and hope you win soon.

(All posts may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.)

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