Weekly Totals 11/8 – Share Your Savings

November 8, 2013 

 Weekly Totals 11/8   Share Your SavingsHappy Friday everyone. I hope you have had a great week. It is getting chilly here in Tennessee and I am loving it. I am a true southern gal and love the warm weather but the beautiful fall scene from my great room is just incredible.

The way our house is situated, we have a huge ridge behind our house. So all you can see when you look out my windows are beautiful trees with tons of fall color. It’s funny because at my house in Georgia I felt like I was in the boonies. It took me 20+ minutes to get to the grocery store. Here at my new house – my driveway is over a third of a mile long through the woods. It is so beautiful but you really feel like you are in the country. The great thing is,  I can get to civilization in about 10 minutes. So while it feels like the boonies I have all the conveniences that I missed in Georgia. Did I tell you guys I actually have pizza delivery out here. I forgot what it was like to have any kind of delivery. Yes…we have already had a pizza delivered for a football game a few weeks ago – it was awesome.

I did a pretty big trip this week and need some supplies for a couple of recipes that I need to do over the next week or so…so I will be going back tomorrow. I spent a fair amount this week and thought I had a gift card to use. I got to check out and realized that I had left it at home. Oh well…I’ll use it next time.

Uncrustables = $5.29 ($2 PQ)
Ore Ida Fries = $6.69
Publix Fries = $5.79
Old El Paso Frozen = $0 (free product coupon)
Butterball Sausage x 2 = $3.49
Butterball Sausage x 2 = $2.99
Cinnamon Toast Crunch = 65¢ ($0.50/1 IP)
Sunny D x 2 = 79¢ ($1.50/2 IP)
Lindt Bars x 2 = $0 (two $2/1 IP)
College Inn x 6 = $5.07 (three $1/2 IP)
Del Monte Tomato Sauce x 2 = 70¢
Promise Land Chocolate Milk x 2 = $2.59
Milk $3.99
Half & Half = $1.99
Eggs = $2.50
International Delight = $1.50 ($1/1 IP)
Publix Sour Cream = 95¢
Hormel Pepperoni x 2 = $4 ($1/2 IP)
Lawry’s Season Salt = $2.69
Buns = $1.19
Potatoes = $2.99
Green Onions = 65¢
Bananas = $1.47
Strawberries = $3.99
Salad = $2
Tomatoes = $2
Shrooms = $1.79
Shrimp = $6.58

I was at around $78 this week. More than I usually spend but it will all be used up and then I will be back for more. It’s kinda like cleaning…you never get a break.

How did you guys do this week? Share your savings in the comments or link up.

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4 Responses to “Weekly Totals 11/8 – Share Your Savings”
  1. Laura says:

    I was just tickeled at checkout this week..spent $130 and saved $220!! That is an amazing week for me. I stocked up on lots of cough drops, pot pies (enough to share with my neighbor who generously gives me all her coupons every week!) and Viva paper towel. Thanks so much Michelle, I’d be lost and broke without ya!

  2. Amie says:

    Publix is the best! I bought: 2 milk, 4 sugar, 6 cereal, 6 Cover Girl eye shadows, 4 kosher salt, 1 Quaker instant oatmeal, 1 Publix oatmeal, 2 tomato paste, 2 coffee creamers, 1 baby cereal, bottle liners, 6 chocolate chips, 2 pieces of fruit, 4 cinnamon rolls, lotion, rubbing alcohol and paid $3.60 after my $10 rebate card. I shopped Walgreens and bought: 8 dozen eggs, 2 turkey bacon, 4 sugar, 2 Libby’s pumpkin, and 2 Lindt chocolate for $16. CVS: paper towels & 4 folgers coffees for $0 oop after ECBS & gift card. Save A Lot: 10 lb ham, 15 lbs apples, 3 lbs frozen veggies, lettuce, tomatoes, bananas, and 2 chips for $25. Kroger: frozen fish, 4 2 liters & 2 12 packs of soda, 2 cookie mixes, a block of cheese,and a loaf of bread for $16. I am right on budget and added to my stockpile.

    • Amie says:

      Oh, and a huge thank you for all that you do! My cupboards would be just about bare if it wasn’t for coupons and sales.

  3. Kathryn says:

    I’ve been couponing for a few months now (saving 30-60%), but today I tackled my first extreme couponing trip and saved 77% at Publix. I spent $21.23 for $92.56 worth of groceries, and I got:

    Free King’s Hawaiian bread with a free product coupon
    Free Manwich for buying King’s Hawaiian sandwich buns
    2 free Skintimate shave gel
    Domino confectioners sugar and brown sugar (49 cents each)
    Two huge boxes of Cheerios (B1B1 for 2.50 each, used 50-cent coupons that doubled to make each box 1.50 each, plus I got free yogurt with each one!)
    2 free Yoplait Greek yogurts for each box of cereal I bought
    4 Betty Crocker Brownie mixes ($1.40 for four)
    2 Bertolli jars of pasta sauce ($1 each)
    2 V8 juices (49 cents each)
    8 Halls cough drops (23 cents a bag)
    7 Think Thin Bars (got 2 free and 5 for $2.50 with Whole Foods competitor coupons)
    1 bbq sauce for $1.10
    Finish dishwasher pods and rinse aid for free with a mail-in rebate ($8.58)
    Produce (no coupons): 5 lbs of russet potatoes ($2.99), bag of mixed greens for $2, green beans

(All posts may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.)

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