Weekly Totals 11/15 – Share Your Savings

November 15, 2013 

computer maint Weekly Totals 11/15   Share Your Savings

Sorry guys…I have been working on the I Heart Publix Forum all afternoon and have not had a chance to sit down to type up my totals.

I will throw the linky up for you guys to share your totals for the week and update mine at some point tonight after I get my guys fed.

So for now…share your totals in the comments or link up below.

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4 Responses to “Weekly Totals 11/15 – Share Your Savings”
  1. Kathryn says:

    I had a personal record today! I spent $20.22 OOP at Publix and $1.35 at Kroger and saved $127.35 — 86%! Here’s what I got:


    My Publix had extra coupons out front for $5 off of a $40 purchase. Keep an eye out if they put extras out since they expire tomorrow!

    - FREE: Two Simply Potatoes on sale, BOGO, $1.25 each. Got them free with $1/2 from All the Trimmings booklet and 2x.75 cents off IP
    - SMALL MONEYMAKER: Ronzoni Healthy Harvest are BOGO for .79 cents, I used 4 IP for .75 cents each, +.18 cents
    - FREE: Two Progresso Recipe Starters, BOGO, .99 each, used .50 cent coupons that doubled
    - MONEYMAKER: Sundown Vitamin D (2) with Publix and newspaper coupons, small moneymaker, +.42 cents
    - SMALL MONEYMAKER: Nature Made Vitamin D, got them for free with Publix and newspaper coupons, +.04
    - Apples for $2.64, no coupon
    - Two Dunkin Donuts bags of coffee, each for $5.99
    - Four boxes of Post cereal, Honey Bunches of Oats were BOGO, got them for $1.58 total (39 cents each!) with a $2.50 off of two Post cereals and coffee
    - MONEYMAKER: Bought six of the Beneful dog treats that are such a good deal right now. They’re BOGO and I used 1.50/1 coupons on each one plus three All the Trimmings BOGO. They were a $2.58 moneymaker :)
    - FREE: Four Liberté yogurts, each one free with a 50 cent IP that doubled
    - 18 Progresso soups (DH’s fave for a quick meal!), BOGO (2 for 1.97), used 50 cents/2 coupons from the newspaper that doubled, so I paid 49 cents a can – 8.82 for 25.46 in soup!

    I spent $20.22 OOP and saved $118.38 — 85%!



    - FREE: Two Lindt chocolate bars, on sale for $2 each, got them free with $2 Lindt printables from Facebook
    - FREE: Stacy’s Bakery Crisps free with Kroger’s Free Friday Download
    - One package of Chi-Chi’s tortillas on Manager’s Special for 1.19
    Spent $1.35 at Kroger and saved $8.97 — 87%!

  2. Britney says:

    My OOP was only $6.34 pretax
    Retail value is around $120!!!
    BOUGHT:::Purina Beneful dry dog food, 6 purina baked delights dog treats, gallon of milk, 3 coffee mate creamers, 3 fruit loops cereals, 3 Mueller greek corner yogurts, 4 Simply Potatoes, 2 Ronzoni healthy harvest pasta, 2 campbells slow cooker sauces, 4 olay regenerist facial cleansing wipes, and a covergirl eyeshadow.

  3. Ann-Marie says:

    My OOP was Zero, Profit of $3.26.
    Bought 6 box Krave 1.99, used .75 coupons, 2 gal Milk, Free wyb cereal PQ (expired Friday), 4 Lloyds BBQ pork/chicken, used 4 PQ (expired Friday) and (4)1/1 MQ.

    Trip#2: OOP $5.96 Saved $75.14
    Bought 6 boxes Fruit Loops 1.99, used (4) .75/1 MQ & (2) 1.50/1 MQ (Kelloggs Family Rewards). 2 gal Milk Free wyb cereal PQ, 2 slow cooker sauces 2/$4, used $1/1 TQ & (2) $1/1 MQ, 1 pkg hamburger buns, 1 banana, 2 Lloyds BBQ used (2) 1/1 MQ and $1/1 PQ, 2 OM deli meats BOGO 5.49, used $2/1 PQ. 2 Ronzoni 150 pasta BOGO 1.49, used (2) $1/1 MQ, 4 Beneful dog treats BOGO, used B1G1 PQ (All the trimmings) and (2) $1.50/1 MQ.

  4. yadira pelkey says:

    Publix $73.92 I paid $0 Publix Paid me $10.73. Total Savings 117.16. Wohoo! 11/15/13.

    here it goes! dog treats are bogo, there is a Publix bogo coupon which makes all 4 boxes free, plus I used 4 $1.50 Manufacturer coupons so It was a 6$ MONEY MAKER!! on those 4 boxes,,Honey Bunches bogo $3.99 I had two $1.25 coupons which made them $1.49 for both,,Sazon no coupons,, (use overage to pay for this),,Froot Loops and Frosted Flakes (I had two .75 cents Man coupons for the froot loops and two $1.50 off man coupons for the frosted flakes plus two 1$ off target coupons.. (which made my 4 boxes total $1.47),,,Back to nature Granola is bogo,, I had two free product coupons which made my 4 bags free plus I used 2 $1 man coupons so it was a $2 MONEY MAKER!!,,Cover Girl eyeshadows,, used two 4$ off two manufacturer coupon plus 4 $2 off publix coupon made them all free plus a $4.04 Money Maker!!!,,, Cubed Steak had a $1.20 off Win dixie coupon brought it down to $4 ish,,,Pasta,, bogo used 2 .75 man coupon and 2 $1 man coupon which made them all free!!,, plus a .52 MONEY MAKER!!,,tomatoe sauce (no coupon/use overage to pay for it),,, (olives-no coupon use overage to pay for it),,, Milk,,, free milk publix coupon with purchase of 3 kellogs cereal plus a 2$ off milk manufacturer coupon with the purchase of 3 kellogs cereal which made it a $2 MONEY MAKER!!!,, !!!


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