Weekly Totals 11/1 – Share Your Savings

November 1, 2013 

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Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a busy week and of course the highlight of the week here at my house was Halloween. My boys had the best time dressing up and trick-or-treating. I just love to see all the kids in costumes and watch all the excitement – it’s such a fun night!

This week really flew by and I just didn’t get everything done that I needed to. I have a big list of things to do this weekend. As you can see, the first day of the month is always so busy on all of my sites. Trying to find all the best deals and post the coupons takes a little more time than a regular day…but it’s definitely worth it. I already have a nice little list of things to get on my next shopping trip – I am psyched about the College Inn deal. I really need to add some broth to my pantry so that worked out nicely!

Because I was extra busy this week I didn’t get to the store like I had hoped. I did make a quick run but it was in the middle of errands so I was limited on what I could grab. I missed a few deals that I had hoped to pick up before the last sale ended…but I guess I will have to wait for them to roll around again. My oldest was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to grab him some of the cheap corn dogs so I promised to make a batch this weekend. I will freeze some so he can have them over the next few weeks too. I think it works out OK…my version is just as good (if not better) and I have everything on hand…so still a great deal icon wink Weekly Totals 11/1   Share Your Savings

Here’s what I did get to grab this week. I guess I will be able to use my excess funds when I shop this weekend. I have to shop…I am out of milk, eggs, fresh fruit and veggies! I also need to grab some shrimp…I’m not sure I have enough for my meal on Sunday.

Fig Newtons =$4.29
Publix Newtons = $2.79
Asparagus = $1.79
Buns = $1.99
Sauerkraut = $1.69
Quaker Bars = 80¢ (Insert + TQ)
Lance Crackers x 2 = $2.68 (two $1/1 IP)

I spent right at $18 this week. I have a big list going for this weekend and hoping I can get out without my guys who have a tendency to increase my spending when they go with me- tee hee.

How did you guys do this week? Leave a comment or link to your weekly totals.

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One Response to “Weekly Totals 11/1 – Share Your Savings”
  1. Amie says:

    Last week,I spent a lot…like more than double what I usually spend. This week, I barely shopped for groceries. Here’s what I got (and most of it was for Halloween parties) at Wal-Mart: chicken, cider, candy, bananas & a pumpkin for around $15. Walgreens: 6 Halloween candy for around $8, but received $3 in Register Rewards. Dollar General: eggs, cookies, and soda for around $4.50. I am actually out of a few staples that I will pick up today, but I want to do the majority of my shopping on Wednesday, when I will be in a city with more stores, so I can use a $5/25 save a lot coupon (@ SAL),my $10 Publix card, and maybe the $10/40 Aldi coupon (@Aldi).

(All posts may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.)

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