Weekly Totals 10/25 – Share Your Savings

October 25, 2013 

happy friday1 Weekly Totals 10/25   Share Your SavingsHappy Friday everyone. It’s a bit chilly here in my neck of the woods.

It’s been a long week here at my house. It’s Fall Break and my boys have been home all week. I love them dearly but my level of productivity is about a quarter of what it usually is when they are home. I have spent all afternoon doing load after load of laundry and cleaning toilets. On my list after I finish my totals is to sweep and mop the whole house. Then I guess I will start dinner – phew. I am tired just thinking about it. But…once I am done I am taking it easy this weekend. No more cleaning and minimal cooking is my only plan.

Here is what I got over two trips this week. My husband had to get a prescription filled and pick up some vitamins (not in totals below as those are medical expenses). If you aren’t using the Publix pharmacy…you really need to give them a try. So much quicker than waiting at the drugstores and some meds are even FREE!

Home Run Inn Pizza x 2 = $2.70 (two $2/1 IP)
International Delight x 2 = $1.34 (two $1/1 IP)
Treasure Cave Cheese = $2
Publix Cheese = $2
Chobani x 2 = 80¢ (two $0.40/1 IP)
Potatoes = $2.99
Cabbage = $1.25
Spinach = #2.29
Carrots = 99¢
Onions = $3.29
Green Onions = 65¢
Milk = $3.99
Boston Butt x 2 = $11.73
Pop Secret = $1.40 ($1/1 IP)
Baker’s Joy = $1.75 ($0.75/1 IP)
Thomas English Muffin x 2 = $4.19
Bananas = $1.37

I was at about $45 this week. I didn’t have time to really calculate the tax from the meds so I just guesstimated icon wink Weekly Totals 10/25   Share Your Savings

How did you guys do this week? Share your weekly totals in the comments below or link up!

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5 Responses to “Weekly Totals 10/25 – Share Your Savings”
  1. Jessica says:

    Here is my haul today : 6 Marie Calendar desserts, 6 Tyson mini chicken sandwiches/breakfast bowls, 1 Luigi Italian Ice, 5 Dannon Light n Fit Greek Yogurt, 5 State Fair Corndogs, 1 Perdue chicken nugget, 2 Yoplait w/ Granola 2 pk, 1 pkg ground chuck (1 lb), 3 Hamburger Helper, 4 Post Cereals, 4 Quaker Granola Bars, 4 Quaker Cereal Cups, 2 boxes fruit snacks, 2 McCormick chili mix, 4 Publix brown gravy, 2 Lance crackers, pack of fresh tomatoes, 2 bags of Tostitos chips, red grapes, bananas, 2 Pepperidge Farm swirl bread, 6 packs Del Monte fruit cups, 3 Del Monte canned fruit, 3 Del Monte chili tomatoes, 2 Folgers coffee, Publix salad olives, 2 Publix kidney beans, 2 Gerber baby cereal, 2 Hunts ketchup, 6 Motts Juice, 4 Mentos gum, 2 Pedigree Dentastix, 2 bags Friskies cat food, 4 packs GE Reveal 60w bulbs, 2 A & H laundry. ALL FOR $69.02 OOP.

  2. Laura says:

    Spent $170 saved $201! Great week! Good luck mopping..hate that chore! Just got the swiffer floor steamer and love it if anyone wondered. Thanks as always michelle! You are the money saving lady :)

  3. Aline Smith says:

    Here is mine :) saved $158.22 pd $0 made $1.26 got 10 boxes of corn dogs, 2 bags of candy, 4 stay free pads, 1 kotex liners, 3 gas x, 4 boxes of Quaker bars, 6 pizzas, 1 box of fruit snacks, 3 muffin mixes, 2 applesauces, 12 bottles of dr pepper and 2 cans of formula.

  4. Amie says:

    Well,I spent a LOT. It happens every so often. I will have to cut back the next few weeks. Here’s what I got: Publix: 2 Stay Free, 4 pk Dannon yogurt, 3 cat food, 4 Diamond Crystal salt, 20 Campbell’s soup, 2 plum baby food, & 2 Coffee Mate for $21. CVS:2 milk, antacid, and Clairol root touch up and earned $4 extra care bucks. Walgreens: 9 bags of Halloween candy for $10. Kroger: seasoned salt, pumpkin pie seasoning, lemon pepper seasoning, cinnamon, lettuce, 4 mars candy bars, 2 packages of cheese for $15. Save A Lot: 15 lbs potatoes, apples, grapes, pears, 2 chips, 7 1/2 lbs ground turkey, 2 Brown & Serve sausages, cooking oil, toaster pastries for $33. Target: koosh ball, bottled water, 3 market pantry pasta sauce for $2. KMart: Halloween costume & boy’s pajamas for $21. Toys R Us: Halloween costume for $21. Petsmart: 3 turtle food for $28.

  5. I spent $50 this week to restock after a 3-week vacation. I always try to empty my fridge before I leave, and my fridge was back to nearly full after that shopping trip. It’s more than I usually spend, but I also usually have other food at home. I didn’t have time to break it down on my blog, but I got a bunch of veggies, meat, fruit, oats, and some Diet Coke. Just the staples :-)

(All posts may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.)

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